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Diary Of A Benin Corper Part 4

    Hi Guys welcome to Another episode of Naijaschoolnews stories (NSN Stories) , today we bring to you the part 4 of our trending story- Diary Of A Benin Coper. You can read the previous chapter HERE
so grab a can of coke and enjoy

    No man is born with steel in their heart. None is born even with a big heart. Situations, circumstances bring out certain character in people. For me though, two things bring out the steel in me. When a man touches my balls or my laptop. I don't mind voting for Buhari in 2019 to right that ill.
So when Bayo said he wanted my laptop for his silence, for a brief moment I lost it. Before Kemen could grope T-boss, I grab him by the neck in a deadly chokehold. I'm pushing his head way out of the balcony without even knowing it.
And then I hear her voice. Oh Lord, I hear her voice, and that seducing grammar of hers. "Bobo, leaves him alone. He were my in-laws."
I let Bayo be. He is inflamed. But I'm as quiet as a radio without battery now, because, well, you know why. Bayo says to me; "So na so you wan play the game bah. Make we see who go lose." With that, we walks away.

"Don't be a killers," my landlord's wife says to me. "I cannot love a killers. Obasanjo know I cannot love a killers!"
Obasanjo? I can never understand this woman!
I walk away to my room. A cold shower and an emptied bottle of whiskey later, I cannot feel myself still. I am bitter. I am irritated. I am worried. Landlord is just about to confirm his suspicion. I haf enter. God, this is how I am going to die in this Benin?
I stay awake until 12 midnight. Sleep has added my name to its debtors list. I begin to think, what's the worst thing that can happen when my landlord finds out. I tell myself nothing much will happen. Odi esi! Kolewole! Issakaba! I try to ginger my spirit. I begin to actually feel good...
And then I hear a loud knock on my door. I frown. "Who goes there?"
His unmistakable voice comes through. "INA or what does you call yourself? Emi ni o. Your landlord!"
I nearly poo on myself. All that Issakaba ginger dives under my bed, leaving me alone, cold and with an upset stomach.
With shaky voice, I tell him to give me a minute. Quickly, I call my mother. I say to her; "Mum, I love you. I haven't said this before, and I just realised how foolish I've been. If I am not the son you expected me to be, I am sorry..." I realise Mother is snoring. Her fingers probably sleepwalked to the phone and clicked the green button.

I try Option B. I text Itodo quickly. "My laptop password is xxyyyzzzz, in case I am no more."
The muthafcuka is awake. He texts back immediately. "One Edo geh is ending your destiny there?"
Some people can never be serious with their lives.
I have done my bit in this life. There is a time to be born, and a time to die. A time when this body that is dust will depart us for the true spirit man to emerge. Death is not so final...
I realise I am already conducting my own requiem mass in my mind. Arrgghh! Hay god!
I walk to the door and open it. Here I am Oga Landlord, do unto me as you deem fit.

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