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Diary Of A Benin Corper Part 3

 Hi Guys welcome to Naijaschoolnews stories, today we bring to you the part 3 of our trending story- Diary Of A Benin Coper. You can read the previous chapter HERE
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Diary Of A Benin Corper Part 3

 My landlord wife 3
My mouth quiver like that of squabbling women. And I am not even talking.
My landlord gives me this look; the type you'd give a petty thief you happen upon in your kitchen, and wonder the best punishment to mete out to him. Or her. "Well INA?" he says dangerously.

I decide that coming clean is a better option than shaking like a leaf on a tree branch. "I wan collect pepper, Sir. It is for my Indomie, Sir. Ask my mother, I called her to tell her I want to cook Indomie."
Oga landlord drags me to the balcony. I have already died inside. This is how the newspapers would say it; A Fine Boys Falls Over a Balcony After Suffering Depression. Hay god!
"You see that side," the landlord says to me, pointing out some distant point. "That is the market. Get all the pepper you need there. Not from my kitchen!"
I am grateful. I thank him fervently. I tell him I love him. And that I love all his family members, too.
He gives me the corner eye stare. "Don't love us, biko! Yeye!"
Inside, I am furious. Why did madam landlady set me up like this? I mean, she's got to be a conniving chicken!

In the evening, I go down to the backyard to chill. I need fresh inspiration for my painting. Before long, I see the landlord's wife come down to dump her trash. She turns and calls me Bobo.
I tell her my name is INA. She says INA is my geological name, that she has chosen to call me Bobo.
People of the world, is there anything like geological name? This woman won't kill me!
She tells me what happened earlier wasn't intentional. That her husband only came home to pick something and me meeting him was coincidental. "Come and collex plenty pepper another time, you hear?"
I nod. But I know better.
Things are quiet between us for about a week. When she goes out to get something, my eyes go with her through my window. That woman eh! What she is doing to me.
I go out to the balcony one evening to chill. The heat inside is literally writing a suicide letter. Sometimes I do wish to exchange the heat here for some cold in the UK, or some European countries like that. Well, out on the balcony, this fresh looking guy joins me. His name is Bayo, he tells me. We get talking, and before long, we are sharing our preferences of women. Bayo likes them thick. Typical Yoruba demon!

I tell Bayo I like them in a way I can adequately manage. Then, feeling myself, I tell him someone is the yard turns me on like a generator. He gets excited, and wants to know who. I tell him it's the landlord's wife.
Bayo gives me this serious look. "Do you have a laptop?" he asks me.
I don't understand the relevance of the question, but I tell him yeah, I have a laptop.
"Did you know the landlord is my eldest brother?" he asks me.
Hay god!
I don't understand why the ground is not opening so I can fall inside. When you need earthquake, it will be somewhere in oriental lands bagging a 7.5 magnitude rating. I don't understand it.
Bayo taps me on the shoulder, and speaks slowly for the right effect. "I'll be needing your laptop for my silence."

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