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Diary Of A Benin Corper Part 2

Corpers in love
 Hi Guys its Sunday again and we welcome you to another episode of NSN Stories just like we do every Sunday, today we will be giving you the Episode 2 of our trending NSN story- Diary of a Benin Copper, this story was written by Isaac Newton Akah (INA) you can read the PART ONE HERE. So Grab a bottle of coke and enjoy reading

Ehe happy fathers day to all those students that are single at home and married in school


Diary Of A Benin Corper Part

My landlord's wife is standing at my door, looking like a nicely diced pepperoni pizza. I must admit there is something girly about her, something innocent, foolish and sweet that sings down to me... I realise I'm gripping the door handle more than I should.
She tells me she has been greeting me for a minute now. I fumble and say I am sorry. "I doesn't realise you are..." Then I say I am sorry again, this time for my wrong grammar.
She smiles. It's nothing. "I spake wrong English, too. Oyibo o'she ede wa! I don't even knew when I spake wrong Englese o'je!"
See, if you're tired of your life, and are looking to give up the ghost anytime, just come by the house and listen to my landlord's wife speak English. That woman's tabon is concentrated H-2-S-O-4! Acid! I find it funny, you know. And then I find it funny that I find it funny that her grammar turns me on. And I won't tolerate that from another fellow!
She tells me she is Aisha. I take her hand and tell her it is a sweet name.
My landlord's image flashes in my mind. Suddenly, I perceive his smelly asshole in my face. Da fuq! I give myself sense. Baba, you have to turn yourself down sharp sharp.
Anyway, landlord's wife says she has no intention of coming in since we are just becoming friends. Friends? That was fast. She says she discovered we have a thing in common.
Oh, we do already? I moved in yesterday.
"I know say you like pepper well well," she says to me. "I always have a lot of pepper in my kitchen... If you need, come."
I smile and thank her for the kind gesture.
At 3 PM, around the time the yard is as quiet as Buhari right now, I go to knock on her door. I need pepper. Sometimes all it takes is to have a ball. INA got two, dammit! He's got two!
I'm whistling lowly to myself. Smiling even. I wonder if she is on anything at all. The door opens. My landlord is standing there with a quizzical look on his face.
My smile takes the window out. My belly churns like it is mangled. "Ah, Oga Landlord?"
"INA, I knew you'd be here!"
Chisos my own have be
This benin man wee kee me oh
Mama me eh

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