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My Private Teacher And I (Last Chapter)

We bring you the final chapter of you favourite naijaschoolnews story
My Private Teacher And I
This is the final chapter
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Happy Sunday
6 Months later
    In life, you will think you have sense until you fall in love, the heart itself is a stupid organ, instead of pumping blood it will go and fall in love the awkward thing is that it will fall in love with the people you detest most, falling in love when nobody asked it to. That was the case between Emilly and i
  If I was told that I will feel something for that girl, I will never believe it, before now if I should have a dream and see her in it honestly, I will take the next available malaria drug because definitely it is not normal. “But I cannot date this girl” I said to myself one day “she is my student for Christ sake, what will her father say when he finds out that the private teacher he asked to teach the daughter is now having an affair with her. This cannot happen, but I knew I was lying to myself, I knew deep down I have fallen in love with that spoilt brat.

  Lately, she has improved in her academics for the first time since her senior secondary school, Emilly came 4th in her class SS2C,she promised me she will come first in the next promotion examination and I promised her I will get her a new smart phone if she does.

 It’s another Wednesday and as usual I have to go teach emilly, “I will tell her how I feel about her” I said to myself, this is the millionth time am saying this, I guess I will forget about telling her and die in silence. As I approached their house, I see people gathered around, their faces look pale and sober, some were letting off tears, some children Emmilys age gathered together weeping, I could recognize one of her friend in the group, “maybe a niegbour died I taught, but the cry is coming from Emillys flat, I entered the sitting room and saw Emilly’s mother and sister crying uncontrollably I asked of Emmily but there was no response I asked again and again, it was then that one of the visitors told me Emilly was just taken to the mortuary by their father……….. WTF Emilly dead? The love of my life dead? Oh God why? Why? I asked but there was no God to answer my question, if only I had told her how I feel about her it would have been easy to endure. That was how I lost the girl after my heart to a spiritual attack.

The End

Next sunday, we will bring you the next story in the series of NAIJASCHOOLNEWS STORIES....  The title is: Diary Of A Benin Corper 
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