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My Private Teacher And I (Chapter Seven

   As we do every Sunday, we bring you today the chapter 7 of your favourite Naijaschoonews story. Read the previous chapter HERE
(Three Months Later)

"Michelle! Come help me in the kitchen!" Vivian bellowed from the kitchen. I was in my room in my room multi tasking; watching City Hunter and setting Test Questions for Emily. She's quite due for a test, I had to know if she'd been listening during class or imagining the length of my tarse.
Deep down I wished she'll pass the test, because I needed a reason to take her out. She was getting at me, slowly, but surely. The devil!
"Aunty Vivian can worry eh, every time kitchen kitchen. Let her kukuma build a tabernacle there na." Michelle grumbled as she sauntered into my room, you could sense the frustration in her voice. The "tabernacle" part got me laughing out real loud. Vivian was just too diligent for her own good. Michelle lit up the moment she saw the movie I was watching.
"City hunter? Awwwn, this is where Kim Nana shot Oppa."
She childishly sat on the bed, making sure I noticed and acknowledged her presence try as I may to intentionally ignore her hoping she'd take the cue and leave me alone.
"Go help Vivian in the kitchen." I ordered, but she gave me a taste of my poison by ignoring me.
I wasn't in the mood for an argument, so I just let her be. She kept inching closer hoping to get my attention but I ignored her still. When she noticed I wasn't giving in to her advances, she rested her head on my laps and dozed off a few minutes later.
After compiling the tests, I smirked satisfactorily. Emily won't know what hit her.
There and then I noticed the sleeping body on my laps, I parted her hair to reveal her cute face and huge forehead. 
She looked peaceful when asleep. I noticed the succulent mold on her chest; The bra and shirt had a hard time concealing her breasts, they just kept poking at me, calling unto me the exact same way mermaids called mortal men to their doom. My eyes trailed down her legs, to the climax of her hips and down the shallow depth of her waist. My hands subconsciously peeled her shirt slowly revealing more skin, I instantly shook my head, disabusing it of its lustful thoughts.
She's my sister for Pete's sake!
I carried her to her room and laid her on her bed. I shut the door and headed for Emily's place to administer the Test.
I reached Emily's house and was warmly received by both sisters.
"Sir Ohms, you're 15mins late," Emily said as she crashed her chest into mine in a slutty-styled one-sided hug. "I hope I've not forgotten what I read o."
"She didn't sleep all night, she was diligently reading. You're really the charmer, Goodnews." Queen said from behind, "Just go easy on her, please"

I could swear she put more effort in swaying her lovely ass then usual when she took her leave.
I dropped the test papers on the table and took a seat, crossing my legs to conceal my tarse rising like the morning sun. Emily grabbed the test papers without further ado and set to work.
"Time starts now!" I said watching her flip through the pages, a smirk playing on my lips.
"What the FUCK! 25 freaking theory questions to show full workings? Goodnews you're a BEAST!" She yelled in frustration.
Queen's laughter rang from the other room where she was, eavesdropping, perhaps.
"Minus 5marks!" I said calmly, doing my best possible to hold back the laughter welled up inside me. "I have no intention of going to a date with a fish head, y'know"

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