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My Private Teacher And I (Chapter Eight)

 Today is Sunday, and as we do every Sunday we bring you your favorite Naijaschoolnews Story My Private Teacher And I. This time it is the chapter eight of this beautiful story written by Blezzed Abraham. Before we continue, you might want to read the chapter seven first in other to understand the story well


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Happy Sunday!

  My Private Teacher And I
     She scored a whooping 68%, I was surprised and Happy too. She kept dancing all around the room like she won a lottery or something. She did the popular Eazi's Shoki-Akaida-Dab dance, I couldn't contain my laughter and obviously she cared less. Seeing her work and achieve success under my watch gave me a special feeling of fulfillment, something I've not felt for a while.
"Oya Goodnews, time to keep your promise," Queen said folding her arm as both sisters shot me serious looks.
"She deserves it!"
I gave out a sigh of defeat, I have been caught all corners.
"How do I know she didn't use microchips from her -No access zone-?" I said as I flexed my eyebrows, one last try to get off the cage.
"See! See!!" She said rushing to remove her shirt and jeans just to prove a point, I had to stop her.
"Okay, you win" she jubilated as I asked her to get ready. We were finally going to have that date.
Thirty minutes later, we alighted at the Peaches Cafe, she was super jumpy and excited. She was wearing a crop top and a bum shot that barely covered her ass.
"Welcome to Peaches Cafe." A male voice welcomed us as we got in. We walked down to the counter with she leading the way, I've not been here before but it looked like she frequented the place. We ordered popcorns and ice cream, she ordered a mixture of rainbow flavors. It felt like I was strolling with a kid in the park, she sure had the taste of a kid. I ordered plain ice cream, milk flavor.
"Goodnews?" A voice called out, I raised my head to look at the attendant at the counter who I didn't pay attention to all this while because I don't notice people and I have a baby who was desperately seizing the last byte of attention I could muster.
"Lawrence Cookey, Kings High School." He flashed a smile, I remembered the face and I wasn't impressed. I just took out my wallet and dropped his money making certain to leave some excess tip, then grabbed Emily by the waist and we left.
We went to the Swing section, the Bunny and teddy hear section and she got one very big one and then we headed for the Xbox section. Real Madrid had always been my favorite team, and they were Emily's too so I decided to let her have them while I chose Manchester United. Something I later regretted.
I gave myself one own-goal so she won't feel too bad when I thrash her, another move I'd later regret.
Halftime was 2-0, Fulltime was a whooping 4 - 1. I weak, my erection shrank! She wouldn't stop dancing and rubbing it in my face, so I insisted for another round and this time I chose my Real Madrid which she did too.
"At least allow me use the White Jersey, show some chivalry." She complained when I won't let her choose the first team jersey.
"I am a feminist and a hard core one, I don't believe in Chivalry." I said clicking the first team jersey, leaving her with no option but the black jersey. My pride wasn't even dented sef.
We had fun, its been awhile I had this much fun.
"I should get more excuses to take her out on dates more often." I thought to myself as I watched her singing at the Karaoke section.

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