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How To Get Student Loan With Vs4 Online


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   As a student, has money been your issue in reaching out your dreams, do you wish you could obtain a loan to help you pay up your tuition fees has money always deprived you from sleeping and reading your books. Worry no more for VS4 is here to take care of your bills

The vs4 system having run for over 6 months and still counting with over 1500 grateful participants and paid over 80million in naira have made a provision for student participants who meet the criteria or have a surety who does to get financial loan at almost 0% interest to attend to pressing financial needs.

We believe that the future of our great nation depends on the success of the young generation.

We are simply trying to play a part to touch as much as we can  who are within our reach.

Criteria for consideration

1. Must be a student admin.
 A student admin Must have Referred at least 50 persons to the vs4online program.

Take the initiative.
Tomorrow will tell!

For enquiries
Join our social community on whatsapp, facebook, or
Send a whatsapp message to 09036044623

....raising financial giants.


This new development seeks to even go further to assist the participants overcome their financial challenges by giving​out loans to students with almost no collateral and at almost 0%interest.
According to the management of VS4ONLINE they maintained that raising the next set of student entrepreneur is a goal they are out to achieve in the nearest future.


Eligible students for loan consideration must not just be PARTICIPANTS of VS4ONLINE.Com ONLY but student admin too.

A student admin is one who have 50 and above referrals on the vs4online program.

The student admin can also surety for someone who is still an active participant to get loans.

At vs4 we seek to use all in we can to raise future financial giants.

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