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Ariel view Of FUTO

    Mixed reactions have trailed the current resumption date of FUTO mid semester break as students foretell that the institution might not resume on April 24th 2017 as foretold by the school management. Some group of students claimed that they have 
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strong faith that the institution will resume on 24th owing to the fact that they resumption date has been shifted twice and they don’t think it will be shifted again as the school calendar will be affected greatly.
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    Another group claimed that the school might not resume on the said date as no concrete arrangement gas been made to ensure students return to campus. According to them, no repairs have been done on the destroyed buildings; the reason for the protest which caused the shut down of the school is yet to be addressed by the management. What’s your take, do you think FUTO will resume on 24th April? comment below.
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