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Story: My Private Teacher And I CHAPTER 3

 This is a fiction story written by Blezzed Abraham you can find the Chapter one and two here
   Since that first day I saw him, I liked him. His lovely eyes that look like he applied eyeliners, his cute lips and that special "Mind your business" attitude he had, I just wanted to test him out.
Then that day at his house, after he said those words to me, I cried! After mum died, I have been living a very carefree life just to get people's attention, I have been rebellious too. I saw it as fun but after he said those words to me, I felt like a useless garbage.

"You are a spoilt brat, a little attention seeking child. You are dumb and outright stupid, you have no clue what life is about. You still wanna hear more? So stay away from me because I can't be close to a female like you."
Those words have been replaying in my head for the last four days, I cried that night. I have never been that humiliated or that broken ever. I could barely eat, nothing could cheer me up.
Ayo, my current fling have been calling but I am not in the mood for him now, Christy and the other girls can't help either. I felt useless, everyone could feel my depression.
"Emily! Emily!!". Queen's voice brought me back to reality.
"What is wrong? Are you sick or have you gotten into any trouble again?" She asked partly out of concern and another part reeking of disappointment.
"Which trouble?" I shouted back at her.

"If you raise your voice at me again, I will slap the living daylight out of you. Nonsense!"
This is the first time in my life I am realizing how much I piss everyone off, how much of a disappointment I am to everyone. I felt regret.
All because of that Goodnews (a.k.a Candy crush) I hate him joor. No! I like him very small.
Then Dad came in.
"Baby, you've seemed off lately and I can't help but become worried. Is anything the matter?"
I saw the sincere concern in Dad's eyes. I have put him through a lot since mum died, my attention seeking tantrums is hurting everyone, and it took a harsh rude talk from that cute male demon for me to realize it.
"Dad, I need a lesson teacher!"
Even I myself was shock at the statement I just made.
"You! Need a lesson tutor?". Queen asked in a hysteric manner.
"Finally she has decided to become Oprah Winfrey." The tone of her voice really pissed me off.
I looked at Dad to see his reaction, but he was blank. I can understand, they have sacked over ten tutors on my account.
I have flirted with some, fucked most of them, given some blowjobs. Either way, they all ended up sacked.
I admit I want to fuck Goodnews or something like that but its more than that, He is a special kind of challenge..
"Dad, I realized something from one arrogant boy and I want to change myself." I said, and I could notice the shock in his eyes.
"Who is this Boy? And what did he do to trigger this?" Dad asked reaching for the remote.
"Dad, it is Goodnews! Uncle Happy's son." Then I narrated the whole encounter with Goodnews to him, obviously leaving out the part where I touched his dick and how I asked him out.
"So what do you want now? I should warn him or send you abroad for studies?" He asked not even trying to hide the hysteria in his tone, and he had to bring up the Abroad studies idea again? I hate it.
"None Dad! I want Goodnews as my tutor, I heard he is good in science subject and also teaches tutorial in his school."
I could feel the heavens darken, I felt Queen's gaze Pierce my skin, and most fulfilling of them all was the imagination of Goodnews's face. A smirk appeared on my face
How I wish I could see him now, the way he will furrow his eyebrows and force a very hard scary frown. My rude Arrogant Crush!
"Okay! I will think about it." Dad said as I rushed and gave him a kiss. I played Kiss Daniel's Mama and danced for my Daddy while Queen laughed her soul out.
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