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My Private Teacher And I (CHAPTER SIX)

Today, as tradition demands we bring you the chapter six of your favorite Naijaschoolnews story. Grab a bottle of coke or any drink you like,some biscuit or chin chin the relay.
Enjoy your reading
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Note: Queen Is Emily's Sister

   I never knew people have such strong influence on others, but seeing Goodnews and Emily made me realize that. 
   Emily have changed recently; The once noisy brat can now sit at home and read a boom given to her by Goodnews. She'd read, understand and narrate the story to Blessed even write a summary of it. She was giving her all to impress him.
   Its been awhile she went clubbing, who'd imagine a Friday will pass without Emily dressing sexually provocatively and coming back the next day stoned or too drunk to remember the guy she fucked the night before. 
Goodnews came in when I was in my room watching "Tyrant", I paused the movie and went out to meet him.
"Hi Goodnews". I said as I took in his image into my head, he is handsome but that's not enough to attract Emily.
"Emily went to buy something, she'll be back soon".
I said as I sat vs own to keep him company till she arrives.
"Okay, you'll keep me company then". He replied as he sat down with a cheerful smile
"You must be a magician, you have no idea how much you influence Emily". I said trying to boost his ego, even though that was the truth. He laughed, I couldn't tell if the laughter was fake or real.
"I am serious, she has changed a lot"
"I don't always like change but she is less trouble now, son that works for me". He said with that smile. He was hard to read, he seemed really perfect. Is anyone really prefect?

"My mum died when I was nineteen, I have just gained admission then. Emily was sixteen in SS2, she was the most affected. After mum's death, Emily started acting up. Dong silky things to get my Dad's attention, and she always got it. Everyone pitied her and showered sympathy on her".
I felt anger boiling in me by then ad I narrated it to him, Emily sure might deserve a second chance but not this guy.
"We all have our darkest times, most times we can't get out of it on our own. We need help". This time he was looking into my soul.
"When that helper comes, we call them "Angels", so you can call me an angel too"
"But what will you do about that feeling she has for you?" I asked looking at him to see his reaction.
"I am taking advantage of it to make her a better person, that is all I can do for her". He said as he cut the smile and frowned and then it hit me.
    He likes her, he is developing feelings for her. But why? Is it out of sympathy? Or is Emily just a cause to him? Why am I even curious? Why am I feeling angry? He said he won't date her, I should be relieved right?
Just then Emily walked in, she immediately dripped the thing she went to buy and rushed and sat on his legs.
"Sir Ohms, Are you here already?" She asked very haply to see him
"No, I am not here. Queen and I are buying tampons at shop rite". Goodnews said holding is laughter, I laughed too and I stood up to go to my room.

"Lemme leave teacher and student, Goodnews! Whip her if she misbehaves". I said as I went back to my room. I could hear them chuckling and Emily giggling like a kid.
"Emily will be fine, she deserves the salvation that Goodnews is bringing. But she doesn't deserve him! But he is starting to love her, even though he doesn't know that yet. No way! It won't happen, because I think I like him and I stand a better chance than the repenting Emily".
I thought to myself as I pressed the play button and continued the movie
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