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My Private Teacher And I (CHAPTER FOUR)

This is a story written by Blessed Abraham read the previous chapters here
"Sir, I have never fancied teaching. I have a very tiny patience so am sorry I can't teach Emily." I lied in a calm manner but deep down anger was boiling in me.
Emily's Dad called me and I was rushed over hoping I'll get another Transport fare of about #3,000 again, but what he was proposing was getting me very angry.
Teach Emily? Hell No!
"Emily is a very sweet girl, and I want what's best for her, ive been told you are a very good tutor. She chose you just like she's been choosing other tutors but this time I feel something different. This is a father's name plea, Please help my daughter." I saw a very soft side of him, and I felt weak in my resolve. But did he just call that girl "sweet"? Yuck!
"But sir, how can I do that?" I asked, because that girl is a wasted resource. I definitely did not say that part out loud.
"She likes you." His voice faint, he should have just added "she wants to fuck you" too.
"You influenced her, So I trust in you."
He finalized, giving me no other choice but to accept. I believe me must have talked to my Dad before calling me over, and my Dad will do anything to get in his good books. So I never had an option from the start
"Okay sir, I will do it but on my terms." I said reluctantly and he nodded. Then I stood up to leave and I saw Queen at the dinning.
"Are you going already? I was preparing something for you." She said with that her cute charming smile.
"Am sorry, dear! Maybe next time." That girl is responsible and very peculiar, exactly my type. Unlike her small devil of a sister.
Speak of the devil and she shall appear, shey that's what is written in the Bible? Because just then Emily came in and when she saw me, she rushed to my side with a flirty smile.
"Good Afternoon, Goodnews." She said, first time ever she is greeting me.
"Your dad just talked to me about tutoring you." I said studying her to see her reaction. I noticed her eyes lit up.
"Did you agree?" She said enthusiastically, nearly jumping on me.
"There are rules! Rule one: Lesson starts 4pm sharp; Rule Two: You will dress decently as I wish; Rule Three: You will obey me completely without arguments; Rule four and five are pending." I ordered and she laughed, holding my hand.
She had a very cute laughter, and for the first time ever I noticed her cute face, her small rat teeth. She's not that bad after all
_ _ _ _
Two days later, I was in my room Facebooking when Michelle came into my room and sat on my bed. Remember Michelle, my little sis, another headache I have.
"Oppa!" She said in her usual babyish voice, you'd mistake her for barbie
"So you will be teaching Emily after your refused to be my teacher abi?"
News sure flies fast..
"Yes, you have thick a brain and your father won't be paying me. But Emily's Dad is going to pay me handsomely, So do the math" I replied bluntly with a smile
"Sha, you two are made for each other. You are Jun Pyo and she is Jan Di!"
I immediately dived her but she dodged, very tiny but fast.
"I hate Jan Di, so I hate her too," I said as I rushed and held her two hands before her fixed nails will penetrate my flesh.
"And we are not made for each other."
She leaned her weight on me and we both fell on the bed, in a split second she slithered out of my grip with her tiny body and flexibility as she grabbed a pillow and we started heavy pillow fight. You could hear us shouting samurai yells.
Then I smashed my pillow on her head and she fell covering her face and whimpering.
I know that trick, she does it all the time but I couldn't help feeling regret. Did I injure her?
"Baby, am sorry! Are you hurt?" I said as I leaned closer even though I am fully aware of the trick and her next move. And just as predicted, she caught me off guard and smashed two pillows onto my face, pinning me hard to the bed so I couldn't move. We both bursted in laughter which died down into an awkward silence that enveloped the room, we could hear our breathings trying to synch. I could see her chest heaving as a weird attraction kept pulling our faces closer.
"This is awkward, she is my sis for gods sake"
With that thought in mind, I broke free taking my eyes off her gaze as I went to shower.
Its 3pm and I have to go tutor the little devil.

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