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  Today we bring to you the chapter FIVE of your favorite Naijaschoolnews stories, this is a story written by Blezzed Abraham. See the previous chapters here





  It was 3pm, he would be here anytime soon, I was feeling very excited even though it was just tutorials. I was peeking out of the window to see when he'll come, because I had a prank in mind.
Immediately the gate opened and I saw him, my tummy churned. I ran to my room, removed my bra underneath my T-shirt exposing my pointy nipples. Then I increased the volume of the song "Work by Rihanna" and started dancing, twerking and twisting. I felt his presence getting closer, and I noticed the moment he got in. I felt his eyes on me and it excited me.
"Emily!" His cold calm voice called, I wished he would sound as soft as his looks. I turned showing him my arousing body as I looked at him trying to notice any budge in his pants.
I noticed his eyes twitched a bit at the sight of my nipples, I saw him bite his lower lips. As much as he tried to hide the fact that I was getting to him, I could see it all.
Then his eyes strayed to my lower waist. Ouch! He could see the very visible cameltoe because I noticed his groin region grew a bit, the sight of my crush getting turned on by just looking at my body sent an itch to my nipples. I really needed to touch it somehow.
Then he worsened it by coming closer and he touched my shoulder; My bare skin.
"You can dance," As his hand trailed down touching my waist.
"Even with your small ass."
Damn! All the sense in my body shut down, as my pussy turned hot. God! This arrogant teacher just turned me on.
"Get dressed according to the rules, be out in five minutes." His tone instantly changed as he turned and left.
     I took more than Five minutes to calm my itchy nipples and boiling honey pot which he set on fire and just left, then another seven minutes to get dressed before I went out for lecture.
He was a good teacher, but my erotic fantasies about him kept distracting me. He noticed! Boy, he could read minds.
"Hey! I don't know why you asked to be taught by me since you can't concentrate." His voice getting me back to reality. When will he ever call me by my name?
"Goodnews, what are the chances of you ever liking me or seeing me as a normal lady instead of all the bad things you said the other time?" I asked trying to hold back the tears, I always cry when I remember that scene.
"It probably will never happen." He said as he kept writing on the board. I didn't care about the rubbish he was writing, Who cares?
"You hurt me every time!" I tried to not cry but I was failing. Then he turned and faced me as he put his hands in his pockets, his expression was not the usual bored or irritated one. He was relaxed.
"If you pass my test in 3months, I will take you out on a date." He said with a very charming smile, a sincere smile. I have not seen this side of him before, I really love him.
"Really?!" I almost jumped up. Call me slutty, call me stupid, go ahead and say I don't have pride. I don't care, he drives me crazy.
"I keep my promises." This time he covered the book. We talked at length. He talked nicely to me for the first time ever, his eyebrows relaxed, his eyes calm and he was smiling. I noticed I was not itching for sex then, but only to be acknowledged by him.
"From today, I, Emily will become a woman that Goodnews will acknowledge. That is my new goal!" I thought to myself inbetween our conversation.
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