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My Interview With Bostin Media

    Early last month, I had an interview with the Bostin Media team in one of their student tales episode. Its is a series were students talk about how they were able to combine their academics with entrepreneurship and still excel in both of them.
     During the interview, I talked about how I was able to do well in both entrepreneurship and my studies even though there were times when one affected the other.
Below are some of the highlights of the interview
Bostin media:
Can I get your full name please?
My name is Good news Chimezie Ohms
Bostin media:
Okay, wonderful.
The “ohms” attached, is that legal?
It’s a nick name but I plan to make it my name in the future. To me it’s more important than all my names combined.
Bostin media: Yes with your other business ventures and possibly the political aspect.
It started like I dream, I’ve always wanted to have an academic website but don’t know how to do it, I have to download some you tube videos and enroll in a HTML class, am a certified web developer. That gave birth to, am still working on it to be Nigerians no 1 website on school news.
I got interest in politics through a friend of mine Eze Tochi, since then I have run for many posts both at departmental and faculty level.
Read The Full Interview HERE

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