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FUTO Expels Six Final Year Students

Odunze Ebuka
Ugwu Okey
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The Federal University Of Technolgy Owerri (FUTO) has expelled six final year students linked to the protest that occurred on the 17th of February 2017.
   The six students have been accused of being the key leaders of the protest turned riot which had many buildings in the school destroyed. The names of the six students expelled are:
1. Ogbbonna Collins (Rochas) Former SUG PRO from the department of fisheries
2. Mmadu Nnamdi Former SUG DOT from optometry department
3. Odunze Ebuka former SUG DOW from computer science
4. Ugwu Okey Collins former SUG DOSports from optometry department
5. Onuoha Elvis former SUG Sec Gen
6. Mmegwa Keneth
Onuoha Elvis

The decision by the university have been condemned by many students  a student who spoke to one of our correspondent said that the decision by the university to expel the students is a cruel one and will cause disaster if care is not take, in her word, she said “ so it means we caanot speak our mind, we cannot talk gain when things are going wrong, the university expelled these students to shut the rest of us up but it will not work, we will stand for our right. The VC should please look into this matter, these students are in their final year for Christ sake if the VC wants to punish, there are many ways to do it but not expulsion. the wrong these students did is that the spoke our mind on the maltreatment we are suffering in this school, this is the first time FUTO students are protesting you should know that for us to protest, the situation have gotten to our neck
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Ogbonna Collins
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We plead on the federal government, national assembly and NANs to look into this issue.
   Remember that the federal university of technology owerri has been on shut down by federal government as a result of the protest that occurred on 17th Feb. The students of the institution protested over the hike in school fees  and additional 10,000 late payment fee added by the university
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