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Did Someone Said You Will Not Make It? Then Read This

A lot of things were going through my mind when she said that statement and I was trying to be very careful about what came out next.

The first thing that prioritized itself on the queue of my mouth was

"Well, my English teacher said I would never make it as a writer, My Further Maths teacher said I would never make it in life.. look at me now"

But I realize this statement can mean different things to different people.

Some people might read or hear those statements and think my teachers were wrong about their judgement and that they only had to wait a decade to realize they had mislabeled me.

After all, today I am an awesome writer and very far from amounting to nothing.

So just in case you fall into this category, understand one thing

I was actually a horrible English student
I had amazing ideas, emotions and stories but I could not bring them together to make any sense.

I would start an Essay with one story, in the middle I would have digressed and by the end of the essay even I, no longer knew what I was writing about or the point I was trying to make

If not for multiple choice questions I would have gotten an F instead of a D

In my Further Maths Class I scored F9 for the whole year I did it.

As soon as I attended the first class my brain shut down, in class I would be drawing to stay awake, I would miss class on purpose.

For my assignments, tests and exams, I would write my name and date and submit...

My teacher would look at my paper and ask me to go back and at least attempt

After sending me back a few times, I would write my name, date and then put my head on the desk until it was time to submit

I made no effort, I had resigned in my heart I would never pass this class, well not really, I resigned that I would never try.

I had never really given it any effort, I never went to meet him to explain after class, I never met the best in the class to show me the way, I was uninterested and of course, if I had continued with this poor attitude towards life I really would not amount to anything

Based on the facts, based on the information before them at the time, based on history, if I "remained" that way their initial judgement would be my eventual destination.

This post is not about how the teachers said what they said, that is a post for another day

I picked the 2 least offensive things from my past, if you hear the rest you might have malaria on my behalf but all of the experiences all come together for me as answers to my many prayers.

Shebi you prayed you want to be great? Why then is it paining you that someone said you don't know how to dress? Isn't that a que for you to quickly learn to dress for greatness?
God will answer your prayer but not in the way you always prefer.

If someone says your posts are weak, it does not mean you should stop writing
If someone says your videos are terrible, it does not mean you should stop shooting
If someone says you can't speak well, it does not mean you should stop speaking

Whatever labels are placed on you by society, lift them up, stare at them, if the labels are true, fix them

I am not where I am today because I was busy arguing, I took it upon myself to be better

Treat it all as information, detach yourself from your self imposed, self inflicting meanings

Nothing is going to mysteriously happen just because "someone" said something rudely to you

Things will only change when you do.

You are taking so much time to evolve because you are yet to realize that it is Too Late To Be Nobody
Good morning

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