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UNIJOS Students Threatens To Shut Down School Over Fees Increment

This season no doubt have been a season of protest for students in various public universities in Nigeria, it started from FUTMINNA who protested over the death of their member who died at the school medical center a week later FUTO protested over increment in school fees, now UNIJOS are protesting For the same course.
The management of university of Jos (UNIJOS) has increased the schools charges from N27,000 to N45,000. The management of the institution made it clear that there is no going back on the implementation of the new charges once it resumes for new session next month.

Mean while the student union government (SUG) president has described the new charge to be outrageous and the method of the university to be harsh he has appealed to the student to hold on a bit and give him time to negotiate with the management. In his words he said “No student should be in hurry to pay the new fees, we are consulting with the management and shall communicate the final agreement to everyone.”
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