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Story: My Private Teacher And I

                                              CHAPTER ONE (Ohms's POV)
My dad had just introduced us to the Jefferson's; He was my dad's boss and dad plans on creating a very firm bond between both families, I don't know if that bond is gonna go nuptial but I hope that man isn't trying to plan my marriage too. He have done enough construction in my life already, and I am not pleased.
Here I am in the Jefferson's mansion on an errand for my dad, he gave me a black bag and some ledgers to give to Mr. Jefferson in person. I had to go with Vivian (My Big sis), I guess my dad doesn't trust me enough, he always sees me as incompetent but who cares. I am first and there is nothing any of us can do about it.
"Excuse me, we've been here for awhile when exactly will your dad arrive?" Vivian asked a beautiful female around her age bracket, who I later gathered her name was Queen. I am glad she asked, because I was already getting impatient, I had to leave my movie Heirs season Two because of this errand.
"He went to buy fuel, he's probably taking long because of the queue, Please be more patient since you have to hand the package to him in person." She replied pointing to ridiculous bag I was holding, I couldn't help feeling embarrassed.
Taking the cue, I decided to ease up a little since this will take awhile so I brought out my phone and started watching videos. God! I hate watching same videos over and over again but it sure beats watching the stupid Nigerian movie playing there, And you could tell no one likes it because no one is watching it.
Just when I was starting to blend into the really Annoying day, a girl came in. She looks a lot like Queen but with smaller body features, she wore a spaghetti top with no bra underneath because I can see the nipples poking at me. I instantly hated her. Don't blame me! I have a knack for firing judgement at people at first glance.
I can feel Vivian's gaze at me right now, a gaze I could interpret very well;
" You think she is a rebellious teenager, a total spoilt brat turning hoe because you just saw that pointy nipples. Judgmental boy!"
And she is so on point, because that's so ME. Queen being the more responsible sister dragged the young girl that just entered to a corner.
"Meet my lil sis, Emily." She introduced cheerfully forgetting to add "the rebellious one" because the childish personality was dripping of this little female.
"Hi Emmy, how you doing? I am Vivian," The little female smiled childishly and came and sat in between us, Queen just shook her head. Emily peeked into my phone and smiled totally ignoring Vivian and everyone else.
"What's the name?" She asked, forcing an accent.
"Candy crush!" I replied absent minded because I hate her already.
"I meant your lovely name, candy crush" This time she was few centimeters away from my face, I could feel her breath on me .
Wait o! Is this tiny lil thing trying to flirt with me? And big sis just stood up and go towards Queen? Is this a test from both families or from God? Because I will definitely fail
"Keep calling me candy crush," I said as I raised my head up and arched my eyebrow with a tight fake smile.
"And keep a fair distance, you're choking me"
Her body spray is very dense, I hate it. Okay, I hate just her, but I don't mind hating the body spray too since its on her.
"His name is Goodnews but his students call him Ohms." Vivian was definitely not my sister at that moment, I felt pissed. Then she and Queen left for the kitchen.
"Goodnews? I like the name, it’s cute compared to Ohms, that Ohms sound like a Geek." she said without hiding the flirtatious tone
Thank God! Because just then Mr. Jefferson came in! I stood immediately; Vivian is not here so I should do this.
"Good day, sir!" I said as I bowed down a little just as i learnt in Korean movies, those people can bow for the world.
"My boy, you are Emeka's son, right?" He said touching my head. I hate being touched or treated lowly by adults.
" Yes sir! My dad gave me this and this ledgers to give to you," I said handing the things over to him, then Emily took my hand smiling. That girl no get fear for her papa at all.
"We'll be on our way, we've been waiting for awhile." I said waiting for his approval, then he nodded and gave me #3000 for transport. See my Joy! #3000 as if am going to another state?
I went to the kitchen to call Vivian and we left. I gave her #1000 on the way, she didn't argue. That’s why I love my sis.
Days later, I was inside watching Morim School. I just bought that movie this morning and am loving. I heard chattering outside, but I no fit leave my film for anybody jare; Immediately, I heard my door open. That can't be any of my siblings because they fear me;
I turned and there was Emily! Jesus! Emily? Why is this girl here sef?
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Written By Blezzed Abraham
Ps: The character in this story are work of fiction, they have no resemblance to any body dead or alive.

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