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Requirements To The Cleaning Companies Employees

Requirements to the cleaning companies employees

Employees with modern cleaning techniques and skills are in high demand everywhere. They are needed in offices and shops, medical facilities and shopping centers in various companies, restaurants, and so on.
Employees of a cleaning agency can quite successfully combine this work with their main job, thus providing themselves significant extra earnings.
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Basic requirements for the employment:

                     Pleasant appearance. This is required in almost every similar job. Moreover, if you want to work for a solid company, business center or other prestigious place, then the list of requirements for appearance will expand significantly. Sporty figure, charm and good looks, neatness of dress and good taste are just the bare minimum.
                     Health. This is, of course, one of the most important criteria. High performance, endurance and good health are essential.
                     Efficiency and responsibility as well as cleanliness and, of course, decency are required, too.
                     The absence of bad habits. This requirement is usually present in every 2nd job.
                     Work experience. And this is not just wiping your own floors at home. You need to have experience in modern tech cleaning.
                     Average age - 25-40 years. However, 50-year-olds are still willingly taken for this position by about 20% of employers (but not everywhere).
                     Knowledge. You must know how to handle various appliances, have profound knowledge of detergents (you should be aware of what different kinds of them are for), be proficient with exotic plants and even tank fish!
                     With regard to citizenship and education - as a rule, there are no major requirements here.
                     You may need your medical record book, if you are going to work for a catering company or a shop.

Where can you train to become a cleaner?

       As a rule, the training is carried out in the course of working or so called “introductory training".
       Larger companies have their own training centers for the newbies.
       There’s, for instance, a popular BICS training course (British Institute of Cleaning Sciences), where junior staff can study the entire cleaning technology. There are also other seminars and workshops organized by large enterprises.
It is worth mentioning that in most European countries, the employer won’t even offer a job to a maid if she doesn’t have a special certificate.

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