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Reasons Why Students Fail To Get Admission

    Once again, candidates are waiting for the registration date of 2017 JAMB examination, the truth is that most of these candidates waiting to buy jamb form took the exam last year but did not get admission, some have already written the exam 2,3,4,5 times without being admitted in any university. In this post, we are going to talk about the reasons students don’t get admission.
1.       Low JAMB Score : This is the primary reason why most people are not admitted, students with high JAMB score are considered for admission before those with low JAMB score, remember that every institution have a required number of students they will admit for a particular year. For e.g  in FUTO, the highest number of student admitted in a department is 230(mechanical Engineering) but there are over 3,800 candidates that applied for mechanical engineering that year, it means that over 3,500 candidates were not admitted. Therefore, the higher your JAMB score, the higher your chances of being admitted.
2.       Wrong Subject Combination: I have seen candidates who have very high score in JAMB but were not admitted because of wrong JAMB subject combination. For e.g the subject combination for any engineering course in any university in Nigeria is physics, chemistry, mathematics and English. It implies that if you write physics, chemistry, biology and English and you applied for an engineering course even if you have 360 and above, you will not be admitted because of wrong subject combination. So before you chose subjects for your JAMB, find out the required subject for that course. NOTE that subject combination differs from university to university, therefore you must enquire the subject combination from the university of your choice
3.       Choice Of University: Before you chose a university, be sure to verify how the admission of such institution goes. E.g some state universities don’t admit non indigenes much, so if you are a non indigene, your chances of getting admission is zero.
4.       Wrong Course Of Study: Sometimes students apply for a course that an institution do not offer, for e.g any student who wants to study nursing, medicine, pharmacy should not chose a school like FUTO as FUTO do not offer these course. So before choosing a university, be sure to find out if that university offers your course of study.
These are the few reasons we think cost students their admission, if you have any other reason that is not mention, please feel free to tell us on the comment box below.
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