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This is a fiction story read the CHAPTER ONE HERE
"What the fuck?!" I felt rage boil within me which heightened the moment I noticed it was her. No one barges into my room even the owner of the house, My Dad. I hated this girl from the first six seconds I saw her, her attitude, her makeup, everything. And when I hate someone, it becomes everlasting because they intentionally or unintentionally keep doing the things I hate.
"Are you dumb enough to barge into a guy's room?" I asked even though I knew the answer to that. The girl didn't answer me, she just came in and sat down with her eyes flying around the whole place.
"What will I see that I've not seen before? Maybe a different tone, or size but I've seen and had them all." She said in a slutty manner. That statement sent a budge down my groin, "he" just awakened. This Emily is really succeeding in awakening my most sensitive muscle.
"Oh my God! You watch Korean movies too?" She asked, I could sense the nonexistent mocking tone.
"Yes! Any problem with that?" I said, trying hard to not appear too defensive.
"It's really cute."
"You meant to say its weird or gay, right? What exactly did you mean to say?" I asked with my voice flaring a bit, because I hate people ridiculing my choice of movie.
"No, I never intended to mock you. Sorry if you felt that way." Her apology sounding sincere, which even provoked me more. Did she just say "sorry" sincerely? Am still not going to like her anyway.
"But you're not gay, right? Because that will be such a waste." She said as she leaned closer to my shoulder.
"I am not, but I don't mind being gay to you." I retorted calmly
Then she made a bold move of grazing my groin region, Damn! It just doubled in size spinning me into shock.
I got mad and dragged her out of the room. In her eyes I could see tears well up, was she really going to cry because I didn't bend her over the table and Pierce her kitty Kat?
"I am sorry....." She said still holding that innocent look.
"Its just that I love you and I can't control myself around you"
"Let's get something straight, Emily."
I stood erect, My usual posture when I have to be blunt and calm at the same time.
"I don't like you, you are the type of female I hate. So avoid me like a plaque."
"What type of female is that?"
"Does it matter? You can't change, its etched to your nature". I said as I turned To go back into my room.
"Tell me, I deserve to know."
She was not going to give up, that I knew. So I shot straight, making sure to hurt her very being so bad she'll reciprocate the hatred and stay away from me. So I gave out a preparatory sigh before I began;
"You are a spoilt brat, a little attention seeking child. You are dumb and outright stupid, you have no clue what life is about. You still wanna hear more? So keep your distance from me because I can't be close to a female like you."
I shot out and finally I felt relieved but a little tinge of guilt was overshadowing me, maybe I over did it.
She sobbed once, then twice and tears streamed down her eyes. Is this for real? Is she really hurt? There is no way I will tell her sorry.
She turned and left, the tears still on her face. I went back in and continued my movie.
Minutes later, Vivian and Michelle came knocking. Before I will say "Enter", they barged in.
"Oppa, what did you do to that Emily?" Michelle asked not really expecting an answer. I just ignored her and continued my movie, hearing Michelle ask me that question reminded me of the harsh statement I said to that girl but I won't let guilt get to me.
"Goodnews! Are you deaf? What did you do to Emily?!" Vivian my big sis had to ask hers in a demanding tone.
"I told her my astute view of her!" I said trying so hard to hide the regret from smearing my tone.
"You know my mind is not the most romantic thing a lady want to hear especially when I don't like them."
With that being said, Vivian left and Michelle came and joined me in watching the movie.
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Written By: Blezzed Abraham
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