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JAMB Introduces New Book For 2017 UTME

   Over the years, The Joint Admission And Matriculation Board JAMB have been using a book "Last Days In Forcades High School" , but this year the board decided to use a new book. The name of the book is "IN DEPENDENCE". THE NEW BOOk "IN DEPENDENC" written by Sarah Ladipo Manyika, this book has been introduced for candidates sitting for 2017 UTME.
      Irrespective of your course of study or method of testing, you will be tested on this book.
A Little About The Book: “In Dependence”
    The book is written by a Nigerian
who was born in Ibadan (South West
Nigeria) in the late 1930s.
"In Dependence" tells the story of
Tayo Ajayi, a Nigerian man who
gets a scholarship to study at
Oxford in the 1960s, and Vanessa
Richardson, the daughter of an ex-
colonial officer. Tayo meets and
falls in love with Vanessa
Richardson, a British colonial
officer’s daughter. And they
negotiate their relationship against
a background of race and racism.
While it is a story of their love
which spans from 1963 to 1998, it's
way more than that.
It's also a story about Nigeria, its
independence and the changes that
occur in the country post-
independence - the Biafran war,
the first coup and the numerous
counter coups, military
dictatorships, the brief return to
civilian rule, exile of Nigerians, and
towards the end of the book the
eventual return to democracy.
There are also issues of race,
racism and cultural differences. Students are advised to get the book and read as questions will come from the book.

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