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Internship Upportunity At GenesysHub

The Genesys programme, by Tenece, is a twin-purpose Technology Hub which serves as a talent refinery and innovation incubator for young minds in all technology-driven sectors of the economy.

Technology is fast becoming the major contributor to the GDP of most developed countries, and a key driver of the economies for developing countries. Research shows a disconnect between the youths (custodians of new age technological ideas), and the market; Genesys provides a training platform and a startup accelerator for small and innovative firms to survive, or avoid entirely, market and systemic failures during their early stages.

Located in Tenece’s state-of-the-art Eastern Regional Hub in Enugu, which is designed to support and equip its residents - who are mostly budding entrepreneurs - with sophisticated tools for unearthing the most formidable startups, Genesys serves as the oasis of technology in our developing nation.
GenesysHub Internship
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To apply for this internship, Click HERE

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