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How To Make High GP In Year One


  Year one is no doubt the foundation year that determines what you will graduate with (either a first class, second class, third class or pass). Every year one have the ability to make a 5.0 CGP by the end of year one or to make a CGP of 0.5 at the end of year one. The importance of a high G.P cannot be over emphasized above all there is no greater joy than coming out in flying colours after your exams. In this post we will talk about the ways of making a high GP in your first year.
1.      BE A TRIANGULAR STUDENT: A triangular student is one who moves from his/her hostel to classroom from classroom to the library and from library back to the hostel. This means that he/she do not get involved by things like social gatherings such as clubbing, party, games e.t.c at least in your first year of the university don’t let those things distract you.
2.      READ TO PASS: There is a big difference between reading to know and reading to pass. Since most courses you do in year one are general course and not important to your course of study, it is advised you read to pass, if possible cram.
3.      TAKE EVERY COURSE SERIOUS: Carry every course along both the 4units and the 1unit course but give more preference to the 1units. Every course counts for your GP nevertheless give more attention to the ones that have higher number of units. Make more A’s less B’s C should not even be an option.
4.      FRIENDS: Whoever you make your friend determines the kind of person you will be because at the end we behave like the friends we make no wonder they said birds of the same feather flock together. Your friends should be those who have the same goal and target with you, imagine you have a target to make first class while your best friend don’t care if he graduates with a third class, don’t you see there is problem. The kind of friends you have will have effect on you.
5.      THE OPPOSITE SEX: The last thing you should be thinking of as a year one student is boyfriend/girlfriend i.e. if you really want to make a high GP in year one, do not involve yourself in a romantic relationship with the opposite sex if you know you cannot handle it. If you know it will not distract you, okay no problem but if it will please AVOID it.
6.      PRAYER: Always commit your desire to make a high GP into the hands of your creator.
We at wish you the best in your stay in the university


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