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All You Need To Know About 2017 Agbami Scholarship

    Its almost a week to the deadline for the application of 2017 Agbami medical and engineering scholarship, most student are yet to apply for the scholarship because they do not know how to go about it, the details and step to step guide on how to apply for agbami scholarship can be found HERE
   Other students have a series of questions bothering the about the scholarship sheme in this post, we have compiled a list of questions that you may have and their correct answers.

1.       How do I apply for the AGBAMI Medical & Engineering Professionals Scholarship award?
If you meet the requirements for the scholarship award, please complete the application form accessible from online application link inside the scholarship advert.  

2.      Who is eligible for the AGBAMI Medical & Engineering Professionals Scholarship Scheme?
The application is open to university undergraduates in 100 and 200 Level only. The applicant must have gained admission either during the 2016/2017 or 2015/2016 academic session respectively. 

3.     I applied for the 2017/2018 NNPC/Chevron JV scholarship scheme, can I apply for this scheme?
 NO. 2017/2018 NNPC/Chevron JV scholarship applicants are ineligible to apply for this scheme as clearly stated in the "How to Apply" instructions.
4.      I am a current AGBAMI scholarships beneficiary, do I still need to apply? 
NO. Current Agbami beneficiaries should not apply for this scheme.

5.      I am a current scholarship beneficiary from an International Oil and Gas Company, do I still need to apply? 
NO. Current beneficiaries of an International Oil and Gas scholarship schemes are expected to benefit from only one scholarship scheme. Hence, are not be eligible to apply to this scheme.

6.      What do I major in to apply for the scholarship? 
The application is only open to university undergraduates studying Medicine & Surgery, Dentistry, Pharmacy and any Engineering Course.
7.      Do I need to be accepted into a particular institution, before I apply for the scholarships?
Applicants must have gained full-time admission into any recognized Nigerian University.

8.      Can I send an open application?
No. Application is strictly done through the application portal.

9.      Will you confirm receipt of my application?
Once you submit your online application form you will be sent an automated email acknowledging receipt of your application. You will subsequently be contacted if you make the Aptitude test shortlisted, if not you will be notified at the end of campaign.
9.      What happens to my online application?
Applications are stored in a database; after the closing date they are evaluated and a shortlist is compiled of qualified applicants. Applicants who did not qualify for the scholarship will be notified at the end of the scholarship campaign.
10.    How do I create my profile?
Visit and click on Register to create an account, activate your account via your email and return to to complete your user profile. Ensure you click 2017 AGBAMI Scholarship to open scholarship page. Then click ?Apply? in the top right hand corner of your screen to apply.

11.   Can I change my profile details?
Yes, you can. You are responsible for the correctness of the details provided. To correct errors after submission of your application, kindly log on to your scholastica profile, click on ?My Account?, a dropdown appears, then click on ?My Messages?. You will be directed to a page where you can directly send a message to the scholarship administrator stating your corrections. The corrections will be effected and a mail sent to you confirming it.
12.   Can I change the course (programme) or institution in my application and can I add information to my application after submitting?
You cannot make any changes or additions to your application once submitted, and the deadline has passed. Applications that are not complete when submitted will be cancelled and will not be considered. However, if the application deadline has not passed, you can edit / make changes to your application online. Refer to question 11 on how to do this.
13.   When my details have been corrected after I applied, is this correction effected in my application or do I have to re-apply?
No you don't have to re-apply, corrections effected before application deadline will be used during short-listing.

 Hope you find this post helpfull, please comment below if you do

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