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What Will You Remember 2016 For? Share Your Experiences With us

Hello Naijascholers, the year 2016 will soon wind up. Many things have happened on 2016. We all must have had our moments. Those moments that we will likely not forget in a hurry.

If I may ask, what will you remember 2016 for? What prominent achievement/progress did you make in 2016? How did 2016 really change your life positively? What were your unforgettable moments in 2016?

For me.....
1. Glory be to God, I passed my O'level exam after three (3) attempts.
2. I got admission into the university this year.
3. I won the most reliable member in my computer tutorial.

Oh!!! 2016 was a great year to me.

Use the comment box to share your unforgettable moments in 2016.

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