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See The Sitiation Of UNILAG Hostel

A facebook user Ezikiel lamented on the state of hostel in university of lagos, in his post he said that not only that the hostel is in a sorry state the price for such hostel is outrageous, read his post below.

The Management of University of Lagos in this tough reign of recession has decided to further drag the dagger down the hearts of postgraduate students in University of Lagos (UNILAG).
The School Authority recently increased the accommodation fee for PhD students from N58,000 to N190,000, (an increment of over 200%) and Master degree from N47,000 to N70,000.
Who sat down to fix this crazy price for a single “8” by “10” room?
This is not only insensitive it is downright Mephistophelian.
The crazy increment have shown that the university boards in University of Lagos are gradually discouraging postgraduate studies in UNILAG.
They started by increasing the school fees 3 years ago from N50,000 to N91,000. They further cancelled the Graduate Assistantship scheme that helps postgraduate students with funds and requisite training for proper apprenticeship, as it is the culture in universities around the world.
In the place of this, they started recruiting recent graduates of the university who just finished their NYSC programme. This is not only un-academic, it defiles the rule of fair play and hierarchy and it encourages in-breeding.
Now this increment, coming at a time of recession like this, shows insensitivity to the plight of students, who are neither working nor being supported by the school or family.
The research carried out at this level has the potential to turn things around for the country, therefore, these students should not be the sacrificial cow that must be milked dry at all cost to accommodate the thieving and profligate lifestyle of the parasites that masquerade themselves as leaders.
The TSA has stalled their filthy hands, now they want to explore non-TSA accounts to further their brigandage.
One for all, all for one, let us stand together to stop such evil from happening right in front of us. Remember! Even if you do not have the ambition of having a master or doctorate degree, your kids might want to in the future. If they make postgraduate programme the exclusive reserve of the rich, what is the fate of the common man?

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