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FUTO Students Threaten To Burn Down Senate Building If School Fees Is Increased

The students of Federal University Of Technology Have threatened to burn down the school senate building and other buildings which include the new SMAT and SEET complex and physics building which is the Vice Chancellors department. If their school fees is increased by the school management. According to the agitated students, the school management added extra #13,000 to the already existing fee which amounts to an outrageous sum of #61,000 coupled that the reason for the increment is laughable and hold no ground. They call upon NUC and federal government to intercede on their behalf before they take laws into their hands. We should recall that this is the highest amount paid by any federal university, FUTA which is a sister school to FUTO pays #21,500, with the current economic recession i don't think this is the right time for such increase in tuition fees says one of the students. We plead to those concerned to intervene on the situation and head to the plea of these students.

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