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Across the globe, tertiary institutions have driven powerful innovations in all aspects of life; hence the position of the Vice Chancellor can never be overemphasized especially as it regards molding of the next generation of thinkers, achievers etc who will yet take the society they were born into to a whole new level. On this preamble, I congratulate you Sir on your recent elevation as the 7th substantive Vice Chancellor of FUTO. Remember Sir, that the reward for each Success is more work; having said this permission me to bare my mind on a few pressing issues hoping that you be so kind to consider at least some of them.
I actually feel that our University can Sustainably take care of herself as it regards finance. Honestly Sir. I think it is embarrassing for the University to be lacking in many basic amenities while opportunities to rectify them zoom pass every day.
The University is sited on the bank of the famous green river....... The Otammiri. The University also boasts of one of the best chemistry, Geology, electrical engineering departments in Nigeria (NUC,2014). One now begins to wonder why the University cannot be self reliant on portable drinking water, electricity etc? I don't believe it is lack of funds or ineptitude from the teachers in those areas. The reasons still elude me. If you invest in these areas sir by creating a mini-hydropower dam with the vast lands of the campus, there will be billions flowing in to the University IGR account. Overtime, students may even need not pay fees. This electricity will however be commercialised to realize its full financial Owerri west LGA constant power supply. This will inadvertently draw investors to this locality and it means more more to the IGR account, more development, more jobs and who takes credit...... You Sir. The same technology will be modified and employed to refine the river's Waters to supply clean water to every household in Owerri west LGA.
I also don't why with depart like CIE, ARC, URP, BDT the University still goes ahead to engage # OUTSIDERS to handle her construction projects. I ask myself is it that the Profs., Drs. Lecturers and students aren't good enough? For me it's a big insult to them because actually it a way telling them that they are not good enough. I know some really good guys from these departments who are superb in their craft and have regularly voiced out frustrations at the negligence meted on them by the system. Kindly look into this Sir because I hear you are proud of your products vis a vis your students.
Conclusively, it will become you greatest legacy if you loosen the bureaucracy repelling investors from coming to FUTO. Please woo or at least allow departments to woo investors to come invest in FUTO. This Association can aid in the much needed infrastructural development while the investor develop their products daily. Students will not be left out as they get opportunities to hone their skills.
I think FUTO is too rigid w only one commercial bank, one fast food joint, one mini telephone service company etc.
I have absolute confidence that you will deliver sir. Time is of the essence. Go and make your mark Sir. Posterity awaits your legacy.
Concerned FUTO Products (Graduates and Students)

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