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How To Combine Blogging With Your Academics

Blogging is no doubt a source of income to many especially students, about 60% of Nigerian bloggers are students, many popular blogs today are owned and managed by students. The owner of naijaschoolnews is a student of FUTO.
There are a lot of students who are bloggers and apart from sharing what they know to the world, they also want to make money online. If you are one of such students, this post will help you to learn how to easily combine blogging with your studies and still be able to achieve those A’s you actually crave for.
Blogging is no longer an a place to play pranks or something as a lot of people think, I will simply say blogging is an online profession, where you can easily work at home and earn very well. I have a friend who once told me she wants to sell her blog and when I asked why she would want to sell out she said simply that’s it’s due to the fact that she has to focus on her studies and that her blog is no longer giving her time for that anymore, so I gave her some tips on how to cope with her studies while blogging and I want to share some of the tips here with you guys.
As a student we all know that your academics is your number one priority and when you feel something else is taking that study time away from you, you might want to consider the option of quitting and facing your academics squarely in other to make your love ones proud.
Blogging needs constant research, dedication, patience and perseverance so it will sure take your time away from studies but for students to easily combine blogging and studying they need these extra tips to help them hold one.
Ways to Easily combine blogging with studying
  • Time Schedule: As a Student, it is very important to use your time wisely. You will need to program yourself and schedule your blogging time to maybe evenings after class or during weekends. This would work very well depending on your niche, if you are in the entertainment niche that needs constant publishing then I will tell you it will be somehow difficult but if you are in the relationship or tech/tutorial niche or any other niche that doesn’t need you to publish everyday then you are good because you can update your blog once a week and still get that very important traffic.
  • Blog Post Schedule: This is also another very important thing you need, if you use WordPress as your blogging platform, then it’s very easy for you to schedule the time you want a post to be published. You can be in class or even be writing a test while your blog is been updated, the …………… plugin can help you achieve this.
  • Prioritize your Activities:  It is also very important to place your activities according to priority. Your academics is your main goal as a student so it is good you always read your books and never use your reading time or any other academic time for blogging always remind yourself that no matter how good making money may sound, getting your studies right is very important.
  • Hire Experts: It is also very important to hire some blogging experts to help manage your blog, these guys would help make sure that your blog is always online and in a very good condition so you do not need to bother yourself while studying about your blog condition, hence distraction is averted.
  • Accept Guest Posts: As a student, since you may not always be available to publish posts, It would be necessary for you to accept guest posts, I mean useful and educative guest posts, do not forget to review the posts before accepting them.
  • Hire writers: You can easily hire available writers from online forums to help you write posts, depending on what you want, you can let them write posts for you as guest posts or they write for you and you pay them off and get the writing credit.
  • Use your Holidays wisely : During holidays, you will have very little studying to do hence it is important you make sure that you use this period to make your blog come alive very well by updating and also putting every other thing in place.
I believe these tips would really be helpful for students who take blogging as a part time Job and also help them achieve that academic success they desire while blogging.
Over to you
 If do have any suggestions, questions and comments that would make this post better for our readers please feel free to drop your comment and let us learn from you

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