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For FUTO Students: ENS 302 Past Question


Federal University of Technology Owerri
Center For Entrepreneurial Studies (CES)
2014/2015 Rain Semester Examination
ENS 302: Business Creation, Growth and Corporate Governance     Date: 21-08-2015
Instruction: Answer Question No 6. And Any Other Four Questions    Time: 2hrs 30mins
1 (a) What is business plan? (3 marks)
     ii) Why would an entrepreneur need a business plan? (7 marks)
    (b) Itemize and discuss briefly the process of business planning. (10 marks)

2 (a) Explain briefly equity financing, inventory financing and project financing as sources of finance for new ventures (10 marks)
  (b)Name and discuss briefly the three types of business opportunity in association with a certain level of uncertainty (10 marks)

3 a) Considering the legal environment in Nigeria, what are the requirement for growing any named business venture (10 marks)
   b) In the event of a business collapse, explain in details the factors needed to revive and grow such venture (10 marks)

4 (a) Product decision in marketing require looking at the following areas: product mix, product feature and product support. Explain what each area means to an entrepreneur (15 marks)
   (b) If there is a need to increase prices, what five things should a business owner consider (5 marks)

5 (a) Outline and briefly explain the principle representing the kind of behaviors expected from every ethical entrepreneur (10 marks)
  (b) i) Briefly explain the principle representing the kind of behaviors expected from every ethical entrepreneur (10 marks)
   ii) Why is business ethics necessary? (6 marks)

6 Case Study: Ahmed Welding and fabrication
Consider a local company based in kano named ahmed welding and fabrication, this is a micro- enterprise run by a single entrepreneur producing fabricated metal products- windows, doorframes and beds- with four employees and a good turnover per year. The enterprise sells to local markets and serves many sectors including the construction sector, supplying windows and doorframes and supplyiong beds to hospitals. The enterprise mainly sells to individual consumers and schools.
a)      Identify i) The needed ICT resources (3 marks) and (ii) e-commerce Benefits. (7 marks) to this company
b)      Identify (i) the e-Commerce Challenges (5 marks) and (ii) the required e-commerce Support. (5 marks) to this company also.
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