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  It is no longer news that most schools have released their cutoff marks which means that their merit admission list is already on the way(if not already compiled), as a matter of fact there are indications that may suggest that most schools are already done with their merit list and have started compiling their supplementary admission list so as to beat the admission deadline set by the Minister of Education-the only notably execption being Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Anambra State, their own case is still a peculiar one although indications may suggest that their form ought to be out this week, fingers crossed. So in lieu of this recent develpment and the questions we have received, we found it rather necessary to shed more light on the issue.
The Merit admission list of any institution in Nigeria is the first list that will be released by such an institution for a new academic session. IT ONLY INCLUDES THE NAMES OF CANDIDATES WHO EQUALED OR SURPASSED THE CUTOFF MARK FOR HIS/HER PREFERRED COURSE SPECIFICALLY. It therefore means that if you applied for medicine and surgery for example in a Unilag with an average of 78 whilst the cutoff is 79, you will not be admitted in the merit list. This does not mean that you will not be admitted at all at the end of year but it means that your name won't appear in the merit list at all for any course whatsoever. If you also decide to apply for a change of course before the merit list is released then do not expect to see your name in the merit list at all.
Then we have the supplementary lists are lists of additional aspirants who have been deemed worthy of admission. There is no set of rules or marks guiding this list and it could be up to 5 with different names. It contains mainly a few names with marks less than the cutoff, staff lists and ofcourse, names of those who were able to pay for their wards admission. The names of those who applied for a change of course appears here totally but in general, if your name isn't in the merit list and you didn't apply for a change of course then look for other alternatives such as IJMB or next year's Jamb, if you start studying now you can still make it. Goodluck and please do  share this info with friends, groups and other pages to inform your friends.

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