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Again FUTO Students Protest Over SUG Election Modalities

FUTO Students protesting

The Students Union Government Election which was suppose to hold today at Federal University of Technology yesterday, like every other elections held in FUTO in recent years was reported marred by obvious incidence of screening out competent and qualified aspirants. Reports gathered by Naijaschoolnews staff raised facts which have been buttressed by a post written by Goodnews Chimezie Ohms (Sir Ohms), a popular “No-nonsense-student” of FUTO..
You begin to have faith in the future of this country and then one thing happens and you discover that the future of Nigeria is really bleak. Yesterday, FUTO students witnessed what could be best described as the worst case of electoral malpractices in recent years as the sham called the FUTO SUG  Election was held.When some candidates were unerringly screened out for some sinister motives, I particularly knew we were in for a ‘very long’ election. First, A Presidential candidate was disqualified for reasons that he was too good for the job and then a Financial Sectary Aspirant EZE TOCHI (ALUTA WORLD BANK)  was disqualified just because he was standing on the way of another presidential candidate from his department.
However, the disqualifications are not the bone of contention as it has become traditional for candidates to be unjustly screened out in FUTO SUG elections. What however is the issue is the level of back-biting, corruption involved in the processes of screening aspirants in and out.
 When ‘Eze Micheal Tochukwu’ started his campaign many people feared for the way he was spending money with ostentation, spoiling hostel girls with gift items like garri, shower cap, slippers, hangers etc. Eze Tochi didn’t just end with spoiling students with money and gifts but went further to oil the palms of some shameless, greedy self-acclaimed “stakeholders” who felt that with money all is solved. Knowing well that he will win the election he was screened out to pave way for others who happened to be their choice.
  However, to all those who refused to be compromised, who refused to be intimidated with money, I salute you all. We are fighting this battle to the end. FUTO will soon trend in Nigeria, and it’s going to be for the wrong reasons. If we cant get it right at this small beginning, I wonder what will be the fate of our dear country.

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