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Apply For $10,000 International Guest Scholarships At American College Of Surgeons

The American College Of Surgeons offers International Guest Scholarships to international students other than Canada and USA who are dedicated to teaching and research.

This scholarship is worth $10,000 and its provided to create opportunities for young surgeons to engage in medical activities in USA.


- Applicants must be at least 35years and not more than 50years of age.

- Applicants must be graduates of School of medicine.

- Applicants must have completed their surgical training.

- Applicants must demonstrate a commitment in teaching and research.

- Applicants must be international students other than USA and Canada.

Application Process

The mode of application is online. Applicants should visit this link to apply

Application Deadline

The application deadline for this scholarship is on 3rd JULY 2017

For more information visit the official page

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