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For Aspirants:Top 12 Rules To Achieve Success As An Undergraduate

Most aspirants look forward to gaining admission into the university,infact they giggle at the very thought of going to school. The thought is no doubt such a sweet fantasy to behold! Surprisingly, their reasons for going to the university varies... Some wants to go there just to escape the control of their parents..others wants to go to make the most pretty and sexy girls their friend, others too yearns to be there in other to bring out d potentials in them nd make their parents proud... Which category do u fall under? For those whose motives are the latter,below ar 12 points that would help u achieve success.
1. Start your day on time.. Always attend lectures on time. Don't form the habit of leaving your bed late as some have d custom.. Granted, sleep makes the  body vibrant and active buh over indulging in it may not be good for you
2. Eat good food.. Good food keeps us healthy and provides us with the energy we need to go about our activity.. Avoid eating heavy food b4 going for lectures,it makes you uncomfortable nd facilitates your dozing off easily..
3. Set a target i.e making 5 points. This would help to keep u focused.
4. Know ur course outline.. This may sound strange and may left some wondering: what is course outline? Course outlines are sub topics contained in a particular course where your lectures are centred.. It is called ''scheme of work'' in secondary school parlance.. D outline helps you knw the areas to focus.
5. Read ahead of the lecturers... With the course outline in ur possession,it would be very easy for you to read ahead which in turn helps you to understand the topic more and ask reasonable questions during the lecture.
6. Know the lecturer's requirements.. This is what most students dnt knw and that is why they make low grades beyond their expectations.. Some lecturers dnt like reading long stories,they may appreciate it if your answer is brief,logical and to the point while others may expect you to give them back what they gave you. Whatever the case maybe consult those in higher level to get you acquainted with their requirements.
7. Make a time table.. Time table helps you to be more organised in ur reading. Avoid procrastination(delay) and follow up your table judiciously.
8. Always jot down points...don't go to lecture hall without your books as some have d custom..try to jot down points during lectures. Lecturers set 70% of what they taught in class than from the text book.. Dont rely explicitly on your texts,attend classes and make notes.
9. Form a reading group...this helps a lot especially with people that have d same targets and goals as you
10. Know how to calculate your gp... It will help you to know if you are close to your target and it keeps u up to date with ur CGPA each session.
11. Dnt neglect prayers.. God should be the foremost in all your endeavours.. Acknowledge him and he would direct your paths.
12. Read past questions.. past questions gives you a clue of how the examination look like..always buy and read it.
With the little points above, I'm sure you would be successful.. Remain blessed as you await your admission.

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