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After enjoying ourself her phone rang, it was her mum calling to know she went to. She kissed me and promise to love me with all her heart before leaving and I promised her same.
The next day I went to the white house as usual for lessons, the security man opened the gate
Security man: Oga teacher you don add pass that time Wey u start work ooo, e b like say Dem dey do u well "for my mind I just remember wetin Mabel dey carry come my house"
Me: I smiled
Security man : Other teachers Wey dey come, if Dem fat wen them start work before one week Dem go resemble person Wey ebola catch
Me: I smiled again and asked if Janet was around, he told me she has been around all day and madam is also around. I knocked at the door surprisingly it was Janet that opened the door for me
Janet: Hello honey, come on in dearie wit a deep kiss "I con dey feel like 2baba , na make madam & Mabel no catch me oo"
Gate man: No wonder oga teacher dey fat and fresh everyday.
Janet had to take d lessons serious because her mum was around. She said she wana b a graduate like me " for my mind, if to say I no tidy u , u for no like be graduate abi"
Madam later left to visit a family friend
Me: Am happy you want to learn and I believe you wil pass your exams this time, she smiled
Janet: Where did u learn those sex skills from, seems you were a bad guy back in school. Hmm u still use condoms, seems u are not use to the pull out style
Me: So this babe dey wait make her mumsy comot, see person Wey say e won b graduate now she dey talk about sex again, well I gat form na . So I told her next time I will ( so which night vigil this girl and her mama dey go every Friday, hmm me don dey suspect madam oo)
Janet: Can't wait for the next time
Me: Hmm I was surprised with her response, make I hear say I no go like try niga raw. She told me Mabel went to get something for her, I gave her assignment & told her am leaving. She kissed me " I dey look make Mabel no show oo" den some romantic touching, we had knock at the door we had to stop. Behold it Janet friend who came visiting...this girl beautiful pass Janet, she gather like Beyonce fine pass omotola...........
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