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See What TASUED 2016 Post-UTME Screening Exercise Looks Like

A candidate who participated in the 2016 post-UTME exercise shared some of the questions that were asked.

At face value, the questions appear simple but you actually need a certain level of intelligence and exposure to answer them correctly.

The questions are shared below. We would like you to try providing answers to them in the same order they are presented (1-10). Use the comment box to provide the answers.

1.Car to road:train to_______________
2.Cookbook and recipes: book and________
3.Woman is to wife and man is to_________
4.Sand and grain:rain and__________
5.Boy is to child:man to___________
6.Tide is to crest:ocean to________
7.Elbow to arm:knee to__________
8.Human is to biography:nation is to _______
9.Doctor to patient and diseases to --------
10.Cable is to phone and radio to _______.

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