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Scraping Of Post Utme:UNN Aspirant Writes Open Letter To FG

UNN Aspirant Pens A
Thought-Provoking Article on
Post Utme Cancellation.
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Minister of Education Steer Clear of
My Education
For fear of being victimized, I’ll choose to
be anonymous.
When I heard about the scraping of post
UTME, I did not know whether to be happy
or sad. Truth be told, we young people are
tired of the rigours of having to write two
very tough examinations just to gain
admission into higher institutions of our
choice. Although this is my second JAMB,
somehow I have this feeling that if not for
this bottleneck that was placed in our
education system in the year 2005, yours
truly would have been an undergraduate by
now. Examination, they say is not a true
test of knowledge, but the worst nightmare
is to organize a shoddy exam. I have
written series of examination, right from
my primary school days to the time I wrote
WASSCE and emerged as the best
graduating student, one thing I’ve come to
find out is that people don’t pass exam by
chance. However, what happened to me in
this year’s JAMB is what I am yet to
Last year, I applied for Law at the
University of Nigeria, Nsukka. When I wrote
JAMB and had a score of 270, I sat down
and took a closer look at the individual
score I made in different subjects; I smiled
because the result was a reflection of my
ability. From my very tight schedule, I had
to make out time to start preparing for the
post UTME. Remember that it was the
same year I wrote WASSCE and NECO.
Honestly, I lost a lot of weight, and when
Post UTME result came out, I made 250.
My average for both JAMB and PUTME last
year was 260. Guess what, that score was
not enough to give me Law because UNN
had 287 as their cut-off mark. For those of
you that wrote JAMB last year, recall that
JAMB came up with this idea of
redistribution. That is, moving students
according to their score to other schools
that have less applicants. I was very happy
when I heard about the idea. Of course I
was happy because I knew that with my 270
JAMB score, I would have a shot at UNN,
my dream school. My happiness was short-
lived because JAMB later did not
implement that policy. I guess that’s what
they are trying to enforce this year by
getting the Minister of Education, tell us,
on the 2nd of this month that Post UTME
has been (or should be) scraped. In my
opinion, Prof. Dibu Ojerinde is in bed with
Mallam Adamu Adamu. They have both
orchestrated this wonderful plan. Truth be
told, this is a good plan but the timing is
very wrong.
Let me take you down memory lane. This
year’s JAMB received a lot of criticism.
Students complained that the exercise was
badly organized. Some aggrieved students
even took to the street to vent their anger.
Unfortunately, Prof. Ojerinde who, I thought
should know better came out and claimed
that the demonstration that was carried out
by students was orchestrated by aggrieved
CBT centres that had their contract
cancelled. Prof., you and I know that was a
fat lie. By blaming CBT centres and lesson
centres instead of accepting the ineptitude
of your system and the laxity of your
workers, you lost the respect I used to have
for you. Prof. let me ask you a question; do
you think we are fools? Yes, I know that an
average Nigerian youth does not read but
the truth remains that we are not fools. I
may not have gotten admission into the
university but I know whom I am! I am an
intelligent Nigerian youth who works hard
every day. God knows that I’m better than
my counterparts in most part of the world,
and I’m not a fool. Having tasted success
in my secondary school days, I know what
it is like to be a winner. Unfortunately,
JAMB decided to make me look like a fool
when, on March 10, I wrote JAMB at a
centre in Anambra State only to come home
two days after and have JAMB send to me
a text message that states that I scored
232. How is that possible? I thought. After
being depressed for some days, I went
online to look at the details of my result. I
shouted when I saw that I was given 49 in
English. This is not my result, I told mum
who was with me in the room.
Well, when after a month I accepted the
result that was sent to me by JAMB, I
vowed to do my best, in terms of
preparation to make sure that I prove my
worth in post UTME when the time comes.
Because I’m a go-getter, I had since got a
Post UTME Past Question Paper and have
been marrying my textbooks ever since. So,
for Mallam Adamu Adamu to wake up one
morning and tell us that he has scraped
Post UTME is just unacceptable, especially
at this point. In my opinion, I’ll rather they
scrap JAMB and allow schools conduct
examination for prospective students.
JAMB as a body is messing up. They
should take a cue from WAEC. Remember
that Post UTME was introduced to clean up
the mess up by JAMB. If the Federal
Government wants JAMB to assume her
constitutional role, they should first of all
return her to her previous glory.
I gave up a JAMB score of 270 and a post
UTME score of 250 because I believed that
I’ll do better this year. My friend had
advised me to buy a supplementary form
and shop into English and Literary Studies
last year but I told him that I’d make the
merit list for Law this year. I had studied
very hard for JAMB but they almost killed
my zeal by sending me another person’s
result. Just when it seemed I’ve gotten over
it, Adamu Adamu now wants to put sand in
my garri. God will judge you all! One
calendar year of staying at home has
taught me a lot of lessons, but trust me,
unlike last year, I can settle for another
course in UNN but God will punish anyone
who reassigns me to any other school that
is not University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Apart
from the issue of proximity, I’m obsessed
about the school.
Finally, Mallam Adamu Adamu, if really
you want to scrap Post UTME, I suggest
that this year’s JAMB be remarked by a
neutral body and the results obtained be
checked with what JAMB sent to
candidates. I also suggest you call Prof.
Ojerinde to come and explain why 40 marks
were added to some candidates and were
later removed from that of some people.
JAMB had a lot of issues and I put it to
you that scraping Post UTME shouldn’t be
an option until JAMB is brought to a

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