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How to Check if your Nigeria Plastic National ID is available for collection at NIMC office

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We write this article to show you the Steps to check If your  Nigeria Plastic ID card is available at NIMC (National Identity Management Commission) office for collection.

Steps to check If your  Nigeria ID card is available at NIMC office for collection.

Step 1)  Go to NIMC official website here.
Step 2) Scroll to the bottom of the Page and Click on Click to ProceedNIMC , Nigeria National ID card,
You will see a page that will ask you to input your First name, Last name and your Last six digit NIN number.
All the information they need can be found on the slip that was given to you.
How to Check if your Nigeria Plastic National ID is available at NIMC office.
=>> Fill them appropriately and you should now be able to see if your ID is ready at NIMC office or not.
Update: For those who have tried checking theirs and received a message that says “Surname must contain only letters A-Z please”. All you need to do is to type the Names in Block (Capital) Letters.
If you still get the Same Reply Kindly Use another Biger Device Perhaps a Bigger Phone/ Tablet or a PC.
Thank you.

How To Know If your Nigeria National ID Card is Ready For collection after Checking Online.

Basically, It depends on the result you get after appropriately filling your details on NIMC official website checking Portal.
Therefore If you receive a message that you have been issued a batch number just like the one shown in this Screeenshot below then it means your card is already available for collection,
On the other hand, If you receive a message like this “Sorry Ejiga, the details did not return a result. Perhaps your card has not yet been dispatched. Please try again in a week or so.” It means it is not ready yet. You may try checking again on a later date.
Note: Registration of the National ID card is still ongoing at National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) office nationwide at the time of publishing this article.
Disclaimer: We at are keen to inform you that we are not staff(s) of NIMC Nigeria and we will never ask you for Private/ Confidential Information.  We only provided  an Essential Information for Nigerians

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