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Exclusive Interview With FUTO Deputy Speaker Rt.Hon.Eze Micheal Tochukwu

 We decided to interview Futo No 2 person in the legislative arm of the student union government and it was very interesting enjoy;

NAIJASCHOOLNEWS: please sir introduce your self
        i am RT.Hon.Noble.Comr.Barr.Dr.Eze Micheal Tochi(dpps). honorable member representing project management technology students and deputy speaker SUG FUTO
NAIJASCHOOLNEWS: Please can you tell us about your political background and how it all started
         i was one time a provost of my department project management, a one time correspondence l;eadership forum general cor odinator FUTO, a one time PRO orlu students association, a one time departmental cor ordinator for corrrespondence leadership forum, currently pmt MSRC and deputy speaker FUTO
   hmmm, its actually a long story but to be brief leadership, has always been in me even since birth, i have a background full of political entities the likes of my lovely sister who was one time SUG vice president FUTO her husband who was one time speaker SUG FUTO, my brother who was one time SUG PRO just to mention a few. its just been Gods grace all the way

 NAIJASCHOOLNEWS: What are the most important values you demostrate as a leader:
          integrity,  love and respect are driving force for me

NAIJASCHOOLNEWS:What is your greatest strength
     God my creator
NAIJASCHOOLNEWS: What are your greatest fear
       My greatest fear is leaving the world without impacting into peoples lives, thats why i keep impacting to the fullest
 NAIJASCHOOLNEWS: What is your greatest achievement in leadership 
                  My greatest is yet to come but, for now its a privilege to be the 4th man of the university in the student union government, the deputy speaker

NAIJASCHOOLNEWS: What is the most difficult part of being a leader
     Ability to manage, that's why managers are good leaders

NAIJASCHOOLNEWS: How do you deal with critics
        People must criticize you no matter how good you are e.g Jesus Christ. so i neglect them and forge ahead

NAIJASCHOOLNEWS: what motivates you to be a leader
    i love imparting into peoples live

NAIJASCHOOLNEWS: Do you work alone or as a team
     i never work alone

NAIJASCHOOLNEWS: Who is your best team member
       i really dont have a best member, every one is my best we work together but i love being in the company of my best friend Goodnews Chimezie(SIR OHMS)he motivates me to do the impossible, he got my back even at the most difficult time, funny enough we hwve had interest at the same post twice but we are still best of friends so if i have a best team member its him. i respect him a lot.

NAIJASCHOOLNEWS: There are rumours in campus that you are aspiring for a post at the level of SUG FUTO
       Hmmmmm FUTO Students and rumors like you said its still a  rumor, all i can say is keep your fingers crossed

NAIJASCHOOLNEWS: Thank you sir for your time
          You are always welcome

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