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ME: what really happened?
JANET: I used to have a boyfriend, his name is
Kingsley. He is the one who deflowered me and
I love him so much.
ME: so what went wrong?
JANET: I loved him with everything, my life, my
parent’s money, my everything ******wanted to
ME: its ok Janet, but you still haven’t tell me
what happened.
JANET: he said he is no longer interested
ME: ****placed my hand on her back, drew her
closer*****. He said so for what? Why? What
did he said your offence is?
JANET: he said I am proud, arrogant, rude and
******for my mind, shebi, that one na
I smiled, comforted her, wiped her tears and
cuddled her. That day marks the beginning of
my friendship with Janet. We chat and gist for
the first time for long hours.
I got home, dropped my fone on my bed and
tried to catch some sleep when I got a new
whatsapp message, “thanks so much for your
words of comfort, and thanks for giving me a
smile today”.
This is my whatsapp number”. I smiled and
saved it.
Day after day, week after week, Janet and I
became closer that we exchange calls and
texts every day, we chat till late nights. I
graduated from sitting room conversations to
following her into her room on many occasions.
One day while in Janet’s room, a text came in
from Mabel, “David, we have to talk”. Chaiii,
Mabel is getting uncomfortable.
It was another market day, Mabel came around
as usual. But this time, she wore a frown face.
Mabel: what is going on between you and Aunty
ME: there is nothing. I’m just trying to make
friend with her so as to persuade her to take
her lessons serious and pass her exams.
MABEL: ****sad face****, David it’s a lie, I
have been noticing the two of you recently, I
know she has been calling you recently, its
unfair oooooo, you want to dump me abi?
***wanted to cry**
ME: ****i drew her closer***, I’m not dumping
you, you know I like you.
MABEL: I’m scared, I’m not feeling safe, this is
my first time of having a graduate boyfriend in
my life, this is my first time of loving a guy to
this level, I don’t trust you,
ME: why?
MABEL: you may dump me because I am a
house girl.
ME: you know I won’t do that.
I pet Mabel, I drew her mouth closer and plant
a kiss on her lips, she responded, it led to a
hot romance, I walked my hands down to her.
Blouse, pulled it off, I found her bosom, I
sucked, lick her down to the abdomen, then lift
up her long skirt, pull her pant to one side with
my finger, exposing her already wet Kitty-Cat,
tease the clit, Mabel was giving out heavy
moan. I was doing my job on the Kitty-Cat,
squeezing her bosom with the left hand and
unzipping my trousers with the right hand. She
was moaning heavily without holding my dick.
This is strange; Mabel that I know will grab my
dick and do mouth justice to it. But this time
she didn’t. My erected dick couldn’t sense that
there was a danger ahead.
I had pulled off my trousers, pull out a condom,
wore it on my erected dick. I was about digging
her suckaway when she said
“David wait”.
MABEL: do you truly love me?
ME: offcourse you know that I do, why the
MABEL: if you know you truly love me, there is
something I want you to do for me right now.
Will you do it?
ME: ****my dick still erect and eager to dig the
suckaway****, yes dear, just name it dear, I
will do anything for you, I mean anything, just
name it. I can catch shekau for you if you ask
for it.
MABEL: *****she opened her purse, brought
out a blade***. If you know you truly love me, I
want us to make a blood covenant so that I can
be assured that you will not just Bleep me and
dump me.
My dick dropped instantly..
Me: “Shocked” blood covenant?
Mabel: yes dear, I just want to be sure that I’m
ME: baby, I can’t do that
MABEL: e mean say u no love me be that, u
will dump me for Aunty Janet.
ME: no Mabel, I won’t do that. But the reason
why I can’t do blood covenant is because it’s
against the bible, it’s of the devil, and it’s not
safe scientifically.
MABEL: so bleeping me is in the bible abi?, I
know it that you are just bleeping me for fun, I
know it that you will dump me.
ME: **calm her down***, Mabel, its not what
you think, diseases like HIV or “hepatomadetis”
can be contacted.
Mabel: **straight face***, what is
ME: ****wetin sef?, why I go just mention
something wey no exist. Thought for a
while****. Its a disease from metals like
shared blade, the blade might be used
somewhere before and repackaged. If the
person has the disease, both of us will contact
it and die slowly.
MABEL: ok, what can you do to assure me that
I’m save?,
ME: ***took a deep sigh***. Ok, I will not be
close with Janet again.
MABEL: are you sure?
ME: yes
She was bit convinced, still Unclad but mr dick
is dead, we were there for a while, looking at
each other’s face.
MABEL: oya let’s continue what we are doing.
ME: I’m not in the mood
Mabel looked at me and smiled.
Mabel: “Sebi its becos of the convenant thing?”
Me: Not really.
Mabel came closer, grabbed my dick, held it
and started a handjob, then proceeded to Mouth
Action. gradually, mr dick responded, we ended
with a round of sweet sex before she depart for
The next lesson period came, Janet had called
me at 12pm to remind me of the water melon
she told me to bring earlier.
How will I play my game in this white house?
How do I act that Mabel will not be offended
and Janet will not suspect?
Now that I was beginning to like Janet, how do
I go about it?.
What if Mabel opened up to Janet about our
Suddenly, I stopped thinking and proceeded to
the white house at 1pm........
Episode 6

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