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The 5 Kinds of People You Will Meet In NYSC Camp

The compulsory one-year youth service is one that comprises the start of post-university life.
While many people look forward to the NYSC program, others like yours truly believe it’s a waste of time. And would rather eat hot coals than partake in it.
Alas, not many of us have the opportunity to by-pass the service year as it is called. Two categories of new corp members: Those who are super excited and the relunctant ones. You may have resigned your fate to serving Nigeria or belong in the excited category of new corpers, either way you must serve.
Here are a few people you’d run into during your 3 weeks orientation camp:
1. The ITKs (I-too-Know)
This group of new corp members have studied the NYSC program like it’s an examination. They even have know about NYSC than the commandant.This group of people are walking and breathing NYSC enclycopedias.
2. The SpiriKokos
These are the ones that will vehemently refuse to wear the Khaki because it is trouser. They can be recognized by the religious matter they are constantly toting around.
3. The Romeo and Juliet
There is always that couple that meet in camp and suddenly become attached at the hips. They are always loved up for the full 3 weeks. At the end of camp, their love usually disappears or not. Just watch them.
4. The Attachees
This group don’t know where they belong. They jejely watch the camp settings for a few days before attaching themselves to the people in power or those they can gain stuff from.
5. The JJCs (Johnny-just-come)
This group of people are always looking lost. Like the entire NYSC program is an alien concept they have yet to understand. Questions that a new comer will ask, this group still persist in asking way into their second week of camp.
Watch people in camp and classify them according to our list. Which group did you notice more?
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