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MUST READ:Never Look Down On Anybody

Some 10 years ago, Diego Simeone played alongside Fernando Torres at Atletico. Those years, Torres was so influential that he was made captain of the team despite being far younger than Simoene. Allusively, the El Nino was the boss of the El Cholo.

Essentially, Torres could partly suggest who should play and who shouldn't.
A decade on, Diego Simeone becomes boss of Torres, and ultimately decides whether the El Nino plays or doesn't. The period looks a long one, but in fact very short. Torres had gone to England, Italy and career was almost dead. At a point when all smaller clubs rejected him, Simeone vetoed he's brought back. Now, he's certainly back to his best and in the Champions League final again.
I'm thinking, if Torres had looked down on Simoene when he was skipper? Thinking if he had mistreated, disrespected and been rude to Diego those years? Would he be given a chance when Diego becomes boss? In 2005, Simoene did what Torres ordered in camp. In 2016, Torres obey the orders of Simeone.
Life is like a coin thrown up in the air. No one can predict which side falls and what moment it turns. Nobody knows tomorrow. All these may sound irrelevant, but may sound reasonable if you understand life turnarounds. Nobody stays top forever. You're boss today but One day, someday, someone will become
your boss. Perhaps a stranger, perhaps one of the people you 'bossed' over. Treat everyone down there with respect when you're in the up chair, because you never know tomorrow. Thread cautiously. You may not care today, but may be you'll someday. A boss today can be a subordinate tomorrow. A servant today is a potential boss tomorrow. Use power and position cautiously.

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