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MUST READ:Everyone Must Not Go To University

The misconception and misunderstanding of what education actually entails, has necessitated my quick action to publishing this post. Most of us today believes that education only operates within the four walls of the class room and anything aside this is not just it. Education is something we can't just afford to bypass in life. Even an illiterate has gone through a type of education which is the informal education.

The prevailing fact is that we have failed to complete the cycle of education thereby becoming half-backed graduates. Most people often see informal education as an education for the less privileged which is a very wrong notion. There are over 10,000 graduates from over 100 institutions each in nigeria every year. My dear, you are just one out of all.

If it might interest you to know today that the world is still intrested in independent, knowledgeable and skillful personalities. Take a look at this,

• What if job opportunities doesn't come out of your formal education ?

• What if one get accidentally kicked out of office, what will you bounce on? Even if you have money to invest, is it not in something you know about?

• What if the company closes down ?


We all need to understand that there is something also needed to be acquired beyond schooling. What makes your education intact is when you are formally sound and there is also an handy work you can do perfectly. I got to know about a guy who studied outside the country and came back after his whole years in school to set up a furniture company that you call carpentry.

What he does is to make use of his computer system to draw out anything he wants to make,designs it and shows you to select which you want.He is also advanced that he hardly nails but screw the woods together. This is where formal education and informal are in serious agreement.

There is also an individual who learnt to do art work and after learning,he went into doing cartoon drawing. He draws on his system,takes it for enlargement and brings it out in portraits and sells for a cool price. This is what only informal education can't achieve alone but with the help of formal education you can't just always seek to work for people without owning a business,and you can stiil work for people and still run your own side business at thesame time.

This is why we have so many graduates hanging around the street all in the name of unemployment because their in ability to really complete what education really entails has rendered them unable to create a job.We all are not going to become government officials so are you going to wait for other to create the job for you to do and determine your income or you will acquire your own skill.


• What are you relly going to support your formal education with?

• What will you bounce back to if job becomes scarce tomorrow ?

Below are skills you can acquire that stands to be of great relevance even in the world to come.The way you present or set them up is what matters. You wouldn't be the one running everywhere then,you will employ people. You get contracts.

• Event and decoration

• Catering

• Fashion designing

• Hair styling

• Barbing{ Do you know you can make cool cash on daily basis owning a unisex saloon ?)

• Phone Repair

• Graphics design

• House painting

• Plumbing

• Furniture

• Art works

• Bead making

• Laptop repair

• Soap making

• Automobile engineering

• Air conditioning repair etc.

Always think beyond the box and don't be limited to what you see.

Add more vocations and place your questions via the comment box. We love comments and will be glad to help you attain your desired point.

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