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Advise To All Polytechnic Students And Aspirants

There has been various issues and controversies on the issue of polytechnic students and university students. Most people often look down on polytechnic students with the orientation that it is a low class mode of study compared to that of the university and even some students of the polytechnic themselves are guilty of this.

I have come across various sets of people who obtain UTME forms, fill them and at the end of the day attempt the post utme of the universities they choose neglecting the polytechnics and this has kept millions of aspirants sitting at home for years without admission into any tertiary institution.

While some people are at home repeating UTME with the saying " over my dead body will I go to poly " their mates has gone, used their two(2) years and gotten an ND certificate. Do you think the level will still be the same?

Lack of information and proper orientation has been the major problem of nigeria tertiary institution aspirants, most people are not ready to go extra mile to source information but dwell on the little they hear which are often not authentic.

Being a student of the polytechnic does not just stop at the ND level neither does it stop at the HND level, there is room to further and also room for overtaking as you can secure your masters even before a university student.

During one of my semesters in school, I got to know about a boy who studied architecture in a polytechnic but graduated with a LOWER and when he got to the university began to blast the course.

If it is service as a youth corp that interest you, my dear, HND holders also serve, don't just sit at home and waste a time that can't be regained.

If you are a polite, be proud of it, you are some miles away and ahead of who you used to be. Talking about job security, get over the idea that when you graduate with ND or HND, you can not secure a good job. My dear try to come out with a defendable distinction or strong upper and see if you won't secure a good job.

The major problem of some people is that they can't defend what they carry, so tell me, why will they not have issues?

I happened to witness an interview lately, an HND graduate who claimed to have graduated in 2008 as an accountancy student was asked to state the features of a payment voucher but fumbled and couldn't give a good difference between a bank reconciliation statement and cash account.

So you need justify your ability.

Various Platforms For Developing Your Polytechnic Result :-

1. Direct Entry

2. Post Graduate Diploma

3. Masters

4. Phd etc

When a university says NO, there are always thousands of polytechnics saying come. Go for it and just know you are not stopping at it. It pays of staying at home because the more you stay, the more the theory of diminishing return sets in.

If you are in already, keep on and never give up, it might take time but the future is bright and attainable.

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