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Religious Injusice in RSUST by Obidara Tayyib Olumide

ALL PRAISES AND ADORATONS ARE DUE TO ALLAH, THE LORD OF THE WORLD, The Muslim Students of Rivers State University of Sci & Tech, Port Harcourt are facing lots of challenges in the school, problems ranging from Demolition of the only makeshift mosque on campus, threatening and harassing of

Muslim students by the lecturers, fixing lectures
during Jumaat time, Examination on Eid day( Muslim festival day).

There is no freedom of worship as a Muslim in the school, whereas there are more than 28 fellowships on campus with over 4 gargantuan building for their worship. This is a sideline as the Muslims constitute all the departments in the school even in the faculty of law.

The struggles for the acquisition of land for worship started back in the late 19’s and early 20’s, since then there have not been favorable response from the school
management. The chief Imam of the University, Imam Oloyede Muhyideen & Our Staff Adviser Engr B.I Bakare have tried their capable best for us to secure a place of worship but all have been fruitless.

Different letters were written to state governor, the NUC (National Universities Commission), NSCIA (Nigeria supreme council for Islamic Affairs), but all ended like a blowing wind.

After a period of time, a space (no structure) was adopted by the Muslim community after which they erected a canopy, by this medium, Muslims on campus converge in their large numbers to observe their prayers, until a day which cannot be forgotten in the history of the Muslim students in the school which was the demolishing of the makeshift mosque on 25th Jan 2012.

Islamic materials and personal belongings were rubbished
to the extent that 2 of the Muslim students were locked up during the scenario by the school securities. This prompted the Muslim community to take the matter to the public, press conference were made and ended up in the federal high court
in Port Harcourt with a suit no FHC/PHC/CS150/2012 after which victory was ascertain by the Muslim.

The court gave its order on Feb 19th, 2013. Ordering the School to allocate a piece of land to the Muslims. Despite the court injunction, the matter still continues as an appeal was sought by the University management which took us back to the Federal court of Appeal, Port Harcourt.

The matter has since then been adjourned and later now till next year. From May 2014, then to March, May & to October 2015,and then to March 15, 2016 and from March to Jan 17, 2017. The Muslim students are very law abiding as we do not protest or destroy belongings but we have been discussing with all agents to ensure that the land is acquired. We are imploring on all persons who have one way or the other to assist in the issue to put forward their assistance. We pray Almighty Allah guide everyone of us and admit us in AlJanat
Firdaws.( Amen )

Bro Obidara Tayyib Olumide.

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