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MOUA Semester Result Online

This is to inform students of Micheal Okpara University that they will be able to get their semester results online by registering on the school’s website.
The registration steps are outlined below;
strong Steps To Take For Students Registration:

1.Students will log on to the website at
2.Click on Records menu.
3.Create a student account with your registration number and a unique password.

4.Click on Continue to Create an Account.
5.The student will be redirected to a Sign In page.
6.Then use your account details to login.
7.Go to Profile Menu Click Add new.
8.Fill your individual Student Profile details.
9.Attach/Capture your Passport photograph and Click Complete.
10.Click Continue (at the top right corner of your screen).
11.Go back to My Profile Menu and click Register Discipline.
12.Fill in your relevant program information then Click Continue to Assign.
13.Go to My Course Menu and Click Add new.
14.Select your Academic level and Click Continue.
15.Select your Semester and wait for departmental compulsory courses to load.
16.Edit the loaded courses to conform with courses earlier registered and submitted to your department.
17.Select Academic Session and Click Continue to Register Course.
18.To register carry-over courses, go to My Course menu click on Register carry-over.
19.Select Level then Semester for the carry over and wait for the courses to load.
20.Select only your carry over courses to make up the maximum credit load.
21.Select Academic Session and My current level then click Continue to Register Courses.
22.Click Continue (at the top right corner of your screen).
23.Click the print icon on the screen to Save and Print your registered courses.
All Students are expected to comply with this notice on or before the 7th day of March, 2016. Students who fail to Log in and provide the required information may not have their examination results published online.

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