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Don't Let Your JAMB Score Define You

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To most people, JAMB Scores this year have been rubbish, especially for those who didn't get what they expected. To those who scored high, they were given "free" marks. To those who scored low, marks were deducted.

Apart from candidates that sat on the 27th and 29th, I think everyone else has no complaint. JAMB used the candidates that sat on the 27th and 29th as experiments. It's cruel, but they are just a stumbling block.

Be that as it may, most candidates are lashing out at those with high marks, even those with high marks claim they deserve more. In tests like this, there is no 100, it's 99.

The total number of candidates that registered for the exam is over 1.5M and the hard truth is that not everyone will make the grade.

It's not an insult or a shade, it's just reality. I can understand the pains, i'm not just saying, i've been there. I've felt it too. The only difference is I wasn't robbed off my marks like some of you were, but I still understand.

Be happy for people, pray to God. Maybe there is a reason. You may not know yet, but maybe you'll figure it out later. Congratulate those who made it and be determined that this won't hold you down.

Dibu didn't write JAMB. I'm sure Obasanjo, Buhari and most of the high and mighty in our society didn't write JAMB. I'm not saying you should disregard the exam, I'm just saying "don't let it determine who you are". It can affect your view of things but it shouldn't shape it.

Stay blessed.

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