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Countdown to JAMB CBT 2016: 5 Checklists For All Candidates

The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination will commence in few days time from the date of this article. As you countdown to the date for your examination, there are 5 things expected of every registered JAMBite. Yes, you may argue that UTME is not listed among the 10 hardest exam in the world, but then every examination has its own fears – so do JAMB!

One ugly thing about most tough examinations is that they fail to give students idea on what to read to prepare, but the good thing about this forthcoming JAMB UTME is that every smart candidate must have seen at least 50% of the questions – don’t be surprised! If you are not certain of your success by now then you have not read your past questions.

If you want to be among those who will rejoice when JAMB CBT 2015 results are released you must make reasonable efforts to study for the examination. The following should guide as checklist to place you on the right direction ahead of the your exam date. These tips will help you prepare well, and make sure you don’t miss the exam or even have missing script or withheld results.

5 Checklists For Candidates

#1: Have Your Exam Slip Ready!
Do not wait until the examination is two days away before you can rush to reprint your JAMB examination slip. We have several detailed articles to guide you on how to do this yourself from the comfort of any cyber cafe around you.
#2: Get Used To Computers!
You will not have all the time to learn to use computer on the day of the CBT exam. Get a computer (if you have to borrow, do!), download CBT software and start revising. Get used to computers and sharpen your skills on mouse handling. This will give you an edge.

#3: Make Use of JAMB Past Question & Answers!
Let’s be frank with you guys, JAMB has no new questions to set. They have asked practically all the questions to expect in previous years. You need to read hard with past questions to dig up things they will likely set in this 2015 CBT exam.

#4: Get Idea From Friends!
Learn from the mistakes of other (older) candidates. As them their experience and add it to yours. 
#5: Stay connected to !
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