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A Letter to My Dear Future

Dear future,

climbing up has not been easy, the more I climb, the harder it becomes but each time I peep at the top and see the glory that lies ahead, I get motivated to strive harder.

sometimes I experience things that pinches my eyes and trigger tears, sometimes I seat and question my soul if I had to go through all this stress to make it in life but all I get is muteness.

At a time I saw life being partial, some a born with silver spoon and some the other way round. some has to fight had to get certain things done while some will seat and command the presence of thousands.

One thing I have now come to learn in life is that within everybody is a content that is capable of making the poor great and the rich greater. in fact the content can make the poor greater than the rich.

This is to a layman but to be frank, we are all born rich and unique but the riches are embedded within. The process of schooling or trying to acquire knowledge is the process of bringing out the riches beyond.

The road to the top is not a jolly one but a journey for the determined. Your greatness has been created by God but the exploring can only be done by you.

Though the test coming my way are heard and seems on bearable but NO, I will never give up because the finishing line is just a few miles away.

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