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Overcoming Exam Anxiety AKA Exam Fever

Most students get anxious before exams, those who did their best through the year and those who didn't, and to overcome exam anxiety you have to think of ways that make you confident about what you studied so that your anxiety is much more less, this is the reason I am writing this article.
I used to have anxiety before exams only when I was not sure about what I studied through the year, and to evaluate myself I used to do several things:

  1. Take a private course in the subject I am not sure about: there were two main reasons why I took private courses in the subject that I am not sure about which most of the time they were the subjects that students considered long and hard. The first reason was to make sure that I am confident about the information I know about the subject. The second reason is to take a summary of the subject from the teacher that can help me revise the subject quickly.

  2. Trust and relax: most students who are anxious before exams are those who want to control all the outputs through and after the exam. Having a controlling attitude to control every output can make you anxious because you are powerless to control everything around you and can never do so. To solve this problem you have to trust God that he will bring the best for you and then relax your mind and body because you already did your best.

  3. Have the attitude to do your best: doing your best is by exerting the most effort you have to study. You can study all day long, to study while siting, standing or walking, to revise before your sleep, after you wake up and when taking bath with your mind only. Doing your best will help overcoming exam anxiety.

  4. Imagine the worst case scenario: what can happen more than the worst case scenario, nothing right? Imagine you failed in the subject and then repeated your school year, will that be the worst case scenario? I think so, then why you are worried? It is not the end of the world. You will repeat the year and do your best then, in that time you will learn lessons you can never learn if you succeed from the first time. To plan for your worst case will help you be ready for any circumstances that may occur.

  5. Simulate a real exam: take 3 hours and take an exam in it that simulates the exact exam. Get the same gadgets, sit in a place that simulates exams hall (it can be the exams hall itself), start your exam in time and end it in time. By simulating a real exam you will boost your confidence towards exams and overcome exam anxiety.
Overcoming exam anxiety is something you can do easily by doing the previous points, when you do so, the best case scenario will be your results at the end of the exams because you deserve it.

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